Read-Along Alert! – Fortune’s Soldier

A Readalong is a fantastic opportunity to read and interact with the people who share the same interests as you. Hachette India presents before you the read-along of the highly anticipated Historical Fiction Fortune’s Soldier by Alex Rutherford.

About the Book:

It is 1744, and Nicholas Ballantyne, a young Scotsman dreaming of a life as laird of his ancestral estate finds himself quite unexpectedly on the Winchester, a ship bound for Hindustan, seeking to begin a new life as a ‘writer’ on the rolls of the British East India Company. On board, he meets the spirited and mercurial Robert Clive, determined – at whatever cost – to make a fortune in a land of opportunity.

Over the years that follow, their friendship sees many twists and turns as Clive’s restless hunger for wealth and power takes him from being a clerk to a commander in the Company’s forces, masterminding plans to snuff out rival French interests in Hindustan and eventually leading the company forces to victory at Plassey, the prelude to nearly two centuries of foreign rule in Hindustan.

Brilliantly crafted, and bringing to life the momentous events that shook India in the mid-eighteenth century, Fortune’s Soldier is an epic tale of a fascinating era by a master storyteller.

Details are here for you:

Date: 10th of December – 23rd of December

Activity: Read the book and post your reading updates with cool pictures, captions telling about your favorite quotes or characters. Use #FortunesSoldier in all your posts. And, that’s it peeps.

A mindboggling giveaway awaits you in the end. What could be better than thisss!!?

So, just grab the book. Get in your cozy comfy reading corner and read-along this December!

P.S. Comment down if you are gearing up for this too!


BUY YOUR COPY HERE:  Fortune’s Soldier

10 thoughts on “Read-Along Alert! – Fortune’s Soldier

  1. LOVE the idea, but am not particularly interested in this particular book. We do something similar with our book club. I am thinking I could borrow your idea and do something similar on a broader level.

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