I breathe darkness – Poem

I breathe sadness and with it,

its melancholy too.

I breathe grief and I do inhale

its pain too.

I choke on lifeless moments

and their disapproval of

my happiness too.

I read my mind and consume

the slithering words

and their essence too.

I beat around the bush

and yet hurt me, intentionally,

with thorns too.

I play with the darkness

and endeavor in its eerieness

but it gropes me more

And surprisingly,

I let it toy with me.

Every time!

I accept those invisible scars on me,


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25 thoughts on “I breathe darkness – Poem

  1. I never use this expression, for I consider it taking the Lord’s name in vain, but it was my first response–OMG! Wonderful! (Now see, it was so beautiful, you made an old lady Sunday School teacher swear with your magnificent poetry! How many poets can make that claim? LOL LOL

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