PiKu & ViRu – Book Review

  • Author: Priyanka Agarwal
  • Genre: Contemporary Fiction
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Print Length: 310 pages
  • Sold by: Amazon Asia-Pacific Holdings Private Limited
  • Language: English

BLURB as on Goodreads

A traumatizing theft on assignment leaves twenty-eight-year-old content writer Piyanjali Kumari with this crazy epiphany. Her numerous attempts to meet TV heartthrob Vian Rustom go in vain. That’s when her guardian angel tells her the one thing she needs to do to make things happen. Desperate, she takes the plunge. But sh*t keeps going wrong. And PiKu realizes her story with ViRu is destined to end in only one way—heartbreak.

Will PiKu be able to win ViRu’s love? Will she get the romance of her dreams? Or will it be the darkest nightmare of her life?

PiKu & ViRu is an emotional roller coaster that promises to take you places.

My Review

Our protagonist Piyanjali Kumari is screwed with her job that pays her lower than she actually deserves. She has had a few failed relationships in her kitty and a very supportive family to her rescue. One fine day, she discovers her soulmate and consequently starts to believe that he is her soulmate. But destiny has something else in store for her.

The book starts off at a good pace. It rightly picks up the shattered PiKu who is suffering from her abysmal job and guides her ahead. A confused girl lands up finding a dapper lover in Vian Rustom who happens to be a celebrity. She falls head over heels in love with him. She has her fantasies where she makes love with him(most of the times). She is a girl with capability but she hasn’t realized how good she could perform. The entry of Vian leads her toward giving up on her inhibitions and achieve what she deserves. Though the relationship doesn’t turn out to be fruitful, it gives wings to PiKu’s dreams. And she goes on becoming the Most Promising Web Series Creator.

The plotline is different because I haven’t come across something like this before. I found it really good at the onset and the climax was unpredictable though abrupt. But in the middle, when PiKu was revolving around her man constantly, I almost lost it. I felt that the particular sequence couldn’t be shortened and tightened with a round of editing. It was dragged too much.

The light streak of the story got me. I liked how Piyanjali breaks off her own cage and comes out. She dares to win over her fears. She dares to say NO and pursue her aspirations. I admire her courage and faithfulness toward herself. But I didn’t quite appreciate the girl who chases her man like anything. She turns really weak there. And this didn’t appeal me at all. On the other hand, Vian is a terrible character. Actually funny. His was the one we usually laugh at in movies. The dramatic transformation in him by the end was predictable.

I have enjoyed most parts of the book. I liked how PiKu identifies her potential and works hard for it. Fuck the world, create what you want. This attitude of hers delighted me. She struggled and she won. In all this, her friends and family stood by her side. This was good.

I would like to point out that the character development isn’t very impressive. This could be further worked upon. As far as narrative is concerned, it is unique and should be given more polishing. PiKu’s fantasies are relatable but could be given less space in the book. I have liked the sequences where she works like a beast to prove herself. That’s powerful. And the flow has to be steady and narration improved. We have enough daily soaps running and our book doesn’t need plenty of them.

In a nutshell, the book has a potential and could be refined. Anyway, because of its simple language and relatable story, the youngsters might like it. It is definitely a good one-time read.

MY RATING: 3/ 5 


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  1. The heroine,PiKu, sounds like a “plucky” young woman. (Plucky is an 19th century word that describes bravery or courage in “little things.” You’ll often find it in novels where the (usually) young woman, gets over it, gets on with it and goes on (like a newly widowed young woman, or a schoolmarm who eventually gets the class under control despite a school board who thought she was “too young and too pretty” to be a success as a teacher, etc.) I love the word.

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