The Alpha Yeti – Book Review

  • Author: SUM
  • Genre: Fantasy
  • Paperback: 228 pages
  • Publisher: Authorhouse UK (10 May 2018)
  • Language: English

BLURB as on Goodreads

Every tribal land has its own tribulations and the Kasis were way beyond any hope or help, for what they were undergoing was terrifyingly unspeakable. It wasn’t any myth or taboo. This one was true. The One God was as real as the White Giants. But, all the suffering and trepidation came from the impossibly aggressive Grey Giants. They were a deformity: a fallen imprecation on the Kasis. Somehow, a sensible Bhirendi, the elderly last of the Kasis, addresses the tragedy and rushes his people into the underground chambers of Ravaial before they are forced to face the wrath of the monstrosities that lately have begun to roll down from the White Mountain. With the situation only getting worse by the moment, the tribes hire a pack of ace hunters from the West. But, one of them freaks out and abducts the daughter of an estranged but once-upon-a-time famous hunter to only earn his ire. The hunters are drawn together into a strangely unwelcome land of doom with their fates sealed under the White Mountain. They soon realize that time is all they have left in the entire world when the Grey Giants begin their vicious play. SUM brings to you, The Alpha Yeti!

My Review

Set in the lap of mighty Nirmalaya mountains, The Alpha Yeti is a chilling and thrilling tale of the battle between humans and the yetis. The folklore says that there are white giants occupying the remote areas of mountain ranges. There is this One God too. The plot lingers around the monstrous Grey Yeti frightening the local denizens who are too scared to avenge their misery. Then the popular hunters come into the picture and the complete story takes an unbelievable turn. The book clearly points out toward the unnecessary human intervention causing the ruckus in the peace of nature.

The Alpha Yetis was a new concept I learned in the book. They are the ones who do not tire until they achieve what they want. Their built and devilishness has been described very well. I liked the vibe that has been created in the book as the fight begins. It was just right and perfect. The book is a little plain in the plotline which is about some scary giant frightening the locals. But the adventure and action pulled off the show.

The narration though, in the beginning, seems disoriented and scattered became intriguing as the story proceeded. A proportionate amount of action and its narration catches you off guard and you are actually stuck to your seat. It is wonderful how the yetis fight amongst each other. It is exciting to read through the exhilarating face-off between the grey yeti and the humans. It is amazing to behold the sight of four friends standing neck to neck and battling the giant with courage and ferocity. It is equally lovely to see the strength and bravery of a young girl.

Overall, I liked the book very much. The narrative is really good. The language and the flow of thoughts were fantastic. However, I feel the book still needs a round of editing and some work on its cover as well.


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