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BESTSELLER – Book Review

  • Author: Ahmed Faiyaz
  • Genre: Contemporary Fiction
  • Paperback: 196 pages
  • Publisher: Rupa Publications India (3 November 2018)
  • Language: English

BLURB as on Goodreads

Akshay Saxena, an out of work editor of a defunct literary magazine in the UK, is told to move to India for a year to help shore up the value of Kalim, an ailing Indian publisher.
Akshay finds himself in a job where he has to do the impossible. Angus Lee, the new owner of Thomson Lee Books, wants at least five bestsellers in the coming year, failing which the business would be wound up.
He has to find a way of making a success out of books he would never publish or would never even read. To complicate things further, he has to contend with a motley crew of has-beens and misfits working for the publishing house as well as wannabe writers, dealing with their follies and derisive tactics, and battle his own affections for Zorah Kalim, the impulsive daughter of his former boss.
Will he succeed in bringing out that one ‘bestseller’ from his publishing house? And what about his own life and love in office? Find out in this riveting read.

My Review

Book Publishing is an evolving industry in India that is growing by leaps and bounds. It has got its own ways to spread its feet and come up as a mammoth unit. What happens inside is something the common people are always unaware of and this book just perfectly bridged that gap.

BESTSELLER is a light-hearted book containing different parallels running smoothly without messing up the other. It sharply remarks at the inside happenings of the publishing industry in a very humorous tone. It hooked me right at the beginning and never left me. The book is unique in its approach and the subject it throws light upon. The glammed up industry comes naked right in front of us as we move ahead in the book.

With a compelling writing style and attractive backdrop the book is set in, it manages to pull off the show nicely. All the characters have been designed and developed properly. I laughed at the errors in Tarun’s actions and cheered at how Akshay deals with it eventually. Their dialogues and witty exchanges were amazing. At no point, no you would find the book to be put down. It carefully carries you away. The most important part is that it brings forth the truth. The ugly, wicked truth in a very sarcastic manner. The storyline has been set so well that reading the book is a sheer delight. Akshay Mathur’s keenness to protect the dilapidated publishing house and restore its glory is worth witnessing. In the end, I am still pondering over how many efforts it takes to make a book bestseller. Just how many strategies and clear tactics behind a popular book. It brings me to the question as to where our publishing industry is going by putting quality at stake? Why a flood of books are emerging in the markets? Just to get the taste of being a ‘bestseller‘?

If you desire to read something fresh and equally entertaining, do check this book. It is wonderful!

MY RATING: 4.5/ 5




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