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Day and Night on a Milestone – Book Review

  • Genre: Romance
  • Paperback: 200 pages
  • Publisher: Notion Press; 1 edition (2018)
  • Language: English

BLURB as on Goodreads

Anand was nonchalant; a happy go lucky teenager, facing the world at his own pace and not in a hurry to grow up.
The numerous naughty escapades with his friends were the only adventures he could lay claim to…
Melissa makes an entrance.
Will she be his fortunate stroke of serendipity? Was she worth risking his heart?
Come fall under the spell of his saga of friendship, love, and journey to self-discovery.

My Review

Teenage is a sensitive phase of one’s life where one undergoes several changes, both physical and emotional. It is this time that lays the foundation for a fulfilling life ahead.

The author retraces his years of teenage in his debut fiction book Day And Night On A Milestone. The protagonist Anand is enjoying his life with his friends when a girl named Melissa enters his life. He, though being reluctant initially, happens to fall in love with her eventually. And the action takes place and then arrives the fateful event which separates both of them. What happened which drove them apart? What becomes the fate of their loving relationship?

The book has a cliche romance story as its plotline. I liked Anand’s friends who stand beside him, no matter what but Melissa’s character is very annoying. On the top of that, I felt Anand was being overly head over heels in love with her when he chooses to turn deaf ear to every single piece of advice given to him. Agreed that Melissa’s character is a victim of several unfortunate occurrences yet this revelation of her character was abrupt. The chemistry of Anand and Melissa depicted in the book was a bit overwhelming. Such love stories now seem repetitive and at the same time, interesting for those who may want a light and entertaining read.

I would have liked the book if the character development was strong. The narration needed to be crisp and effective and more than everything, the story had to be fresh and plot must be constructed meticulously. With an ineffective plot lacking in engaging narration, the book may not appeal a good number of readers. The writing style has to be improved with around of editing to get the book rid of typos.

Reading the book was fine in the beginning but the love angle kind of spoilt the reading experience.

There is love but not delightful enough to spend time reading through it. 

MY RATING: 2.5/ 5

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