A Void Within!

Blemished thoughts

Disarrayed ideas

Unruly behavior

and loathsome persona

Are they a product of rising negativity around? OR

An absence of positivity within?

We would complain and whine

pointing out faults in others,

Choking over others’ lack of compassion

but tell me, are you generous enough?

We carry what others did to us,

We lovingly embrace the baggage

and let our spirit die under

And then go around screaming with bulged eyes

how nauseating the world has become.

We lend the onus on external affairs

to mar our mood and fortune,

but is it really so?

This is a question we seldom give a thought to

or perhaps we run from!

because truth has it that,

rather than the presence of anything futile

an absence of a vital creates more problems.

It is not the upsurge of indifference around you that kills

It is more about the ignorance you allow to sink in.

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