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Tete-a-Tete With Author Anand Sivakumaran


A change in the career is a difficult decision to make but you say it and he has done it. We bring to you an exclusive interview with author Anand Sivakumaran who recently released his debut book Natasha Mehra Must Die. He is a writer and director based in India. Stories intrigue him and traveling comes naturally to him.

Read ahead to meet this vibrant personality:

QUES: Please introduce yourself to our readers.

I’ve been telling stories since I was kid. So I ended up doing that as my profession. Even though I have a degree in chemical engineering from IIT, I dabbled with journalism, advertising and events before coming into the entertainment world. I’m a writer, director, showrunner, show creator. I’ve written films like Kalyug, created shows like The Buddy Project and Sadda Haq. Now I run a creative shop called CrocTales where we create and run web series.

QUES: Tell something in brief about your novel – Natasha Mehra Must Die.

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Book Cover

Someone is killing every woman and girl by the name Natasha Mehra. Our heroine, a collegian by the name of Natasha Mehra makes the connection between multiple deaths and realizes that she too, is in peril. But what she doesn’t know is that these aren’t acts of a maniac but a global conspiracy. What that conspiracy is, you’ll find out when you read the book.

QUES: What inspired you to write this book and bring it in front of the world?

The idea of different woman with the same name being murdered because of the name clicked me. I found it exciting and so I started weaving a story around the idea.

QUES: How did you get into writing in the first place? Is it a hobby or something you are pursuing professionally?

Like I said telling stories is the only thing I’ve ever done.

QUES: From where do you draw ideas for your books or write-ups in general?

They come from anywhere and everywhere. They just pop into my head. Or from something I see or read. I even do a podcast and live storytelling where I create stories based on words or lines that people give me.

QUES: When you are not writing novels, how do you spend your time?

When I’m not writing my scripts or making films or telling stories live, I like cooking, reading, watching movies and series. I travel as much as I can. I run, work out. I love meeting friends, eating, drinking, dancing – ya, all of this!

QUES: How would you describe the contemporary scenario of writing and reading in India?

Hmm. Not bad. But we all have a long way to go. Both as readers and as writers.

QUES: Best piece of writing advice you would like to give to the budding writers?

Keep writing. Every single day. Discipline is the key.

And don’t judge your work. Everything is a Work in Progress.

QUES: What is that one thing in life you feel you have done perfectly?


QUES: If you are a travel freak, what kind of destinations attract you?

Everything. Sea. Mountain. Any place I haven’t been to.

QUES: What is the present condition of daily soaps telecast in India? Would you like to comment on their content?

No I have no interest in soaps. Even when I wrote for TV, I never worked on soaps, only on youth dramas or thrillers or comedies. It’s not a genre I understand. So I can’t comment.

QUES: Let us know your favorite t.v. show since you belong to the industry?

I don’t have any favorites.

QUES: Do you read books? If yes, which one is most dear to you? Who is your favorite author?

My favourite authors growing up were Alistair Maclean, PG Wodehouse, Dick Francis, Jeffrey Archer, Stephen King. I still love re reading them.

QUES: Are we going to read more from you in the near future? Any new project that you are working on?

Two more books 64 and The Killing Year are nearly ready. And started work on a new one tentatively called The Suicide Club.

Plus working on a couple of films, several web series. So ya, lots of stuff!


*We wish Anand Sivakumaran all the best for his future endeavors.*


BUY HIS BOOK HERE: Natasha Mehra Must Die

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