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Anger – Not Just a 5 Letter Word by Anindya Rakshit

GUEST POST by Anindya Rakshit

Just a five letter word and it has enslaved the whole world that we live in today……how incredible that can be……don’t you think….? And yes, anger is our worst enemy.

Ok, so today I decided to deal with anger……and that’s just five letters away from real danger……to all of us. Anger on any day is definitely your worst enemy and this is the enemy that we have to defeat, we have to let go, we have to completely wipe out from our system. Difficult? Yes………..but not impossible.

Every day, we have ample opportunities to encounter differences in views, opinions, and situations going out of hands in minutes. And, anger takes control of the mind very quickly and completely engulfs it to change the anger into a fitting rage and that causes serious damage to not only us but to everyone or everything around us. Anger limits our thinking powers and can turn positive environments into the most vicious and negative one in a very short time.

Anger has its severe ill effects on the whole mind and body with several health hazards which can prove to be fatal. Psychologically, anger affects the nearest and dear ones in your life in a very direct way, leaving a long term negative cast on them and ultimately it breaks down the very balance of healthy relationships.

And again we come back to the very word that we keep on searching for in our hearts all the times and that is peace and trust me, peace is the best state that can be achieved by not getting agitated in any situation. Often, we judge and analyze and start finding faults and become negative of our past happenings in life, and get unnecessarily angry and lose our peace of mind and such violence can occur out of this as is quite evident in today’s world. Violence has become our anger and it is destroying all those basic human values that we have once learned from our ancestors.

The whole world today is out on a revenge spree and anger is the main catalyst to it. We are slowly forgetting to respect one another and co-exist in a healthy environment and provide that eternal peace for all and for our planet earth as it is very required. Let go of this anger, be on the path of gratitude and forgiveness, that’s where peace and happiness exists.

The Enlightened One, The Buddha, who taught us to get rid of all anger and negative emotions through mindful meditation, saw himself the most violent of the times in his childhood and growing years, the world of battles, annexations, massacre, death in plenty. He soon realized that all these are not what we live our lives for.

Patience is all we need!

What is most important is forgiveness for your worst enemies, love for all living and non-living things, being in a happy state of mind through enlightenment and live a fulfilling life and stay away from the ill effects of anger. And how right He always is. If we can find the probable causes of our anger, then only we can find the ways and the path to get rid of it.

In the End

So true are the words which say …… We can never be angry if we don’t allow anybody or most importantly ourselves to make us so, and to find peace is always to have the smile on the face and carry on doing what we are supposed to 🙂

Handle tough situations with generosity, empathy, logically, peacefully, and anger will never find its place. Forgive, forget and move on.

Do let me know your views on anger and its effects on you in your life and how are you coping with it and getting out of it.

Now, a little bit about myself, if you are still reading :):)

Anindya Rakshit

I hail from a beautiful city called Calcutta in the eastern part of India. Born in the late 70’s. An Ex-Banker, currently dabbling in the Insurance sector, there are a few things I love to do apart from blogging. I love everything connected with music excluding performing myself, though I can sing a fair bit, love watching movies, an avid reader of books, love making new friends, love playing Table Tennis which is my favorite sport I do, and also I love traveling to mountains and seaside.

In my early 40s, I am hardly close to retiring, still, a long way to go. And, this is important,

’18 till I die by Bryan Adams, that’s what I am and will always be, one of my favorite songs too. 🙂

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10 thoughts on “Anger – Not Just a 5 Letter Word by Anindya Rakshit

  1. A nice post. Anger is a physiological process. In response to stimuli brain chemicals are released that causes the phenomenon of anger. I don’t think one can wipe out anger. One can channalise anger through practice. There are many practical tips given to overcome anger. I agree an angry man loses his senses and takes rash decision to his own detriment.

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  2. First of all I am really honored to get this opportunity for writing something for Khyati and she being such a wonderful host. Thank you :). Thanks to all of you stopping by to read it and share your thoughts on this one. Anger is the easiest form of expression while it is the difficult most thing to control and master. But once we start mastering it and slowly start to remove our dependency on it, life becomes much easier and happy. But that doesn’t mean we have to accept all that we find not acceptable. Dealing with situations in a much more rational and sensible way is healthy for life in general, and anger should not find any place in it 🙂

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