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The Anonymous – Book Review

  • Author: Nidhi Kukreja
  • Genre: Contemporary Fiction
  • Paperback: 180 pages
  • Publisher: Blue Rose Publishers (5 January 2019)

BLURB as on Goodreads

“As I sat down, my eyes rested on the envelope lying on the doormat, For Natasha, the writing on it said. I panicked, this can’t be him again! I hurriedly opened it and his words made me cry out loud.” The Anonymous is the story of Natasha, a victim of sexual violence, assault, harassment, and rape, who was a happy, cheerful girl, but she is now cold, heartbroken and weak! During her recovery, she was dragged into a vicious cycle of nightmares by the letters, that just wouldn’t let her move on. “Dreams are woven and seamed when the bloodsheds” But the path we move on is always not easy; Hurdles, difficulties, issues, problems bring you down, but the inspiration and spirit to go ahead keep you focused and determined. It is not easy, sometimes we get lost and trapped. Is she trapped by it? Or is she forced into a cycle of self-harm and depression? Is it a fight to survive? Is there really no escaping the past? “Hello. Don’t put the book down just yet, pick it. You are welcome to my world.” -The Anonymous

My Review

A few stories tear apart your insides with just a few instances described impeccably, in the most engaging manner, with patience, and emotions.

The Anonymous‘ is a tale of a girl who is tortured to the point she almost dies but still, doesn’t lose her will to live. It is about a girl Natasha, our protagonist, who bears the brunt of the past and decides to force past her life through her nightmares. She wants to move on and so she did, with the help of a love which embraced her in the darkness and stayed to re-introduce her to the light.

The book is written well with a story which is strong, with a narration that is very effective at certain points. The author has managed to carve the pain of a tortured girl nicely. This effort of hers to paint the picture of the horrendous incident vividly and bring out the trauma associated with it is commendable. This thing has sent shivers down my spine, literally. The powerful storyline with an equally compatible narration made this book worth reading. I finished it in a sitting.

The book vacillates between Natasha’s past and her present. And the best part is, the link doesn’t appear amiss anywhere. It is well connected and presented. The beginning itself too me by surprise and with the flow, it interested me. Such stories of a female protagonist who struggles to avenge her grief must be floated more.

The character of the villain, Umang, is the worst. He seemed to be overly outrageous about a NO. This aspect of his character could have been sketched in a more appropriate manner. Sid’s character was fine but should have been developed more finely. He needed space, a better transformation which remains overdue in the book. The whole presentation should have been worked upon to take the voice of the characters to a greater segment of readers. The writing style is something that can be very good in a story like this.

In all, the book is definitely good for a one-time read but it is not able enough to leave a lasting imprint on the minds.


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2 thoughts on “The Anonymous – Book Review

  1. It’s so hard to write about that level of trauma and I applaud the author for taking on that challenge. I really love your honest, well-rounded review of the book – how you included both the good and the bad. I may pick it up for the writing.

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