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SANNAZ – Book Review

  • Author: Sagar Datta
  • Genre: Poetry
  • Print Length: 278 pages
  • Publisher: Notion Press (10 January 2019)


Khoobsurat shabdon se bani hai tu
Iztiraar hai tere bayaan mein
Toh dard bhi hai
Mohabbat ke alfaz mein lipti hai kahin
Toh kahin tujhmein
Zindagi ke mukhtalif qisse bhi hain
Jo tujhe samjhenge
Woh teri qadr karenge beshak
Aye shayari
Tu itni afreen hai

My Review

‘Sannaz’ literally means grace, love, emotions. It is a beautiful word that is an apt title for this book. ‘Sannaz’ by Sagar Datta is a collection of soulful ‘shayaris’. In his attempt to introduce the young generation to the art of poetry and Shayari, the author has touched several subjects namely love, longing, life, relationships, and friendship. His melodious verses also bring out the beauty of dreams, reality, and god’s pure and unconditional love.

The author has deftly carved his brimming emotions and expressions to fill the good living within us. The Urdu shayaris are written in English and the best part is that the meaning to typical Urdu words is provided in the book.
Moreover, the illustrations are pretty and Shayaris are simple and a few of them strike a chord with your heart. One of them goes like – “kyuki qismat ki har baazi, teri baazi nahi hoti.” Such is the variety served in the book. Although the presentation and the ambit of subjects covered are notable, not all shayaris would intrigue you. So, if one wants to go through a wonderful presentation and like to read more of romance, can go for this book.

And yes! The cover piqued my interest. It is amazing!

MY RATING: 3.5/ 5



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