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#TrueBeing – Book Review

  • Author: Sagar Datta
  • Print Length: 378 pages
  • Publisher: Notion Press (17 January 2019)


Let’s live our lives
The way they are designed.
You walk on your path,
I walk on mine.
Let us listen to the truths
That are out there for us.
Let us embrace them all,
With our heart, soul, and mind!

My Review

Love, Life & Relationships – three different themes are pondered over and woven together to bring out the book #truebeing. Through the amalgamation of both subtle poetry and prose, the author has attempted to make us converse with his words and know ourselves better. With the lyrical description of his observations and reflections, his musings strike a chord with the readers’ hearts.

In the first section, the author outlines the fragile emotion of love and expresses his views on them. He touches different aspects of love and the importance of space in it. He also goes on discussing the crucial element of understanding which if missed can crumble a relationship. The book covers the blinding of a person in love, longing, heartbreak, and extends to teach us not to dissolve ourselves in love. What I liked the most was the author’s take on unrequited love. How unfulfilled or unrequited love could empower you was worth reading.

In the second section, the book takes us to the nooks and corners of our lives. How to live it ideally and how to make it happier is what is discussed here. The author had emphasized on creating a unique identity of oneself and accepting one’s genuineness. We must take pride in who we are. Choices and hopes are one of the key elements of life and the author has carefully picked words for explaining things.

In the last section, the book enters the realm of relationships. It focuses on building meaningful relations and maintaining them. He lays emphasis on the importance of communication for a relationship to survive and thrive. Also, he brings to the fore the negative shadow which emotions like jealousy and possessiveness might cast on a relationship.

All in all, the book is delicious food for our soul made up of the observations of its author. His reflections and thoughts on several nuances of love and life served as food for thought. However, I have found a few errors in the book in terms of missing words grammar. I would suggest the author go for a round of editing of the book.

To sum it up, the book directs you towards living a life which is complete and satisfactory. It guides you to become a good human being, the #truebeing. The illustrations in the book are aesthetically pleasing. If you like to read poems and abstract write-ups with the finer details discussed simply, go for this book. Also, the cover is lovely and beautiful!

MY RATING: 3.5/ 5



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