• Author: Sankha Ghosh
  • Paperback: 142 pages
  • Publisher: Hawakal Publishers; 1st edition (14 December 2018)
  • Language: English

BLURB as on Goodreads

Shreya Basu is a kind of politician India has hardly ever witnessed and that too from a political party which has been suffering from an existential crisis for the last few years. With an impeccable beauty and excellent oratory skill, Shreya Basu’s shot to fame is no less than a fairytale. And in this topsy-turvy ride to power, she comes across the enigmatic Hector who is haunted by his ghosts of the past. And when Shreya’s seamless ambition to acquire power meets Hector’s hate-filled stigma of retribution, it wreaks war.

My Review

India is a country where power is a ruthless ambition and money a terrible master which drives the people toward exploiting any means to achieve their gains. Lives are put on the stake, dignity is kept aside, and what reigns is madness for the power!

Civil Services Examinations are considered to be the toughest examinations in India. Lakhs of candidates vie every year to reserve their seat in the coveted spaces of bureaucracy. But what lingers around it is the scam that engulfs the dreams of youth and throttle them to death. Junaid is a young man who succumbs to this master snake which gulps down several other lives, one by one, demonically. His mother and brother, too, died at the merciless hands of the corrupt system. And what follows the trail is the disruption and destruction of those in power!

The Sun Shines Down is a gripping thriller that entwines the political gimmicks and scam scenario of India. Set in the sparkling city of Mumbai, the story kicks off and takes you on the ride which is smooth. The author has explored human relationships with Junaid and his family. He has evidently chartered a territory fraught with danger by building a plot around the controversies prevalent in the Indian subcontinent. And to top it, this political thriller is fast-paced and gives you enough gist within 140 pages.

With good use of language and direct narration, the author weaves a book which is quick and swift. There is no chance you get bored reading it. However, the loophole lies in the fact that there is not enough description. The characters lack the strength of influence because they aren’t sketched properly. Shreya is brought to be a charming barbie doll with no powerful aura given that she is Chief Minister. But perhaps, this is the reality behind the women politicians in our country. Their ambition is fulfilled only when they pass through the tracks of lust. Also, the whole presentation was too fast to grasp things. The story just hopped from one point to another without a proper halt. I personally felt that this book needed more to fill it. It was the one which could have done really well with a tightened plotline, more research, and a detailed narrative.

For a quick thrilling read, the book could be picked up by the newbies! A book to spend your weekend in a flash or bide your time at travel.

MY RATING: 3.5/ 5


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