Someday…with or without you! – Book Review

  • Author: Bhanu Pratap Singh Parihar
  • Genre: Romance
  • Paperback: 282 pages
  • Publisher: Notion Press, Inc.; 1 edition (24 June 2016)
  • Language: English

BLURB as on Goodreads

Ashima falls for the fiery-tempered, good looking older boy, Monty. Their relationship progresses swiftly but when they are struggling to deal with physical distance, she meets Dave. They discover common ground and enjoy each other’s company. And then, an unfortunate night causes a rift riddled with guilt and anger. Easy-going Dave is devastated. He unexpectedly discovers love again with Minisha who seems like the stuff of dreams. She draws Dave out of his misery and their relationship seems to be on song. That is until she disappears.
What happened between Ashi and Dave? Where is Minisha? Will Dave be able to accept his past and embrace the reality of his present?

My Review

Mental diseases such as Schizophrenia are considered to be a big thing in our society. However, to live in the illusionary world is not that bad if you can strike a balance between your real and imaginary poles.

Someday…With or Without You is a typical romance novel, set in the city of Bhopal, that begins with a teen girl falling in love with her senior. There are two parallel tracks which seem to be completely unrelated but surprisingly, converge to one point towards the end of the book. A point I actually liked. So, the main character Ashima falls in love with Monty and they are very much quick in taking their relationship to a higher level. They make out at weird places and their fervent kisses are a testimony of how much do they love each other. This did sound weird to me. Gradually Monty moves to Indore for his higher education and starts keeping Ashima aside. Ashima finds solace in her virtual world and befriends Dave who becomes her good friend. Even this ‘good’ friendship culminates into a steamy love-making scene. Wow! Then that BLOODY night comes when Dave loses Ashima to his insanity and suddenly things are over between them. By this time, Monty is already out of the picture. After a few years, Dave comes across a girl Minisha on facebook with whom he falls in love with. Their love story is full of romantic drama and extreme cheesiness. But one fine day, when Dave gets Ashima to meet his new girlfriend, he is shocked to find that she is nowhere. Where did she go?

Written in a lucid language, the book does play fair at some points but falls below my expectations on others. I really have no thing for high school romance and I am still clueless about why a need for a hot make-out scene becomes the demand of the story. I particularly disregard them when they just pop-up unnecessarily. The character development is not good. I almost disliked all the characters for some or the other flaws. Their ineptness to lead their lives makes them unlikeable. The writing style is pretty good and if it could be supplemented with a powerful story, I am sure that a good book awaits us in the offing. Also, I disliked the author’s treatment towards the female characters calling them bitches frequently. That was, I guess, not needed. Moreover, the story falls flat with no fresh concept and fails to mark its territory. The incessant fights and the way the love brews made me more exasperated than happy. I would suggest the author improvises the story to attract the readers.

Still, for newbies and irregular readers who like to read romance fiction and young adult may give this book one chance.

MY RATING: 2.5/ 5


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  1. Like the review, but the book does not tempt me. Hope you have a great weekend, Hon. We are approaching Spring Break. My husband will spend the whole time doing taxes, and I will cook and freeze and bring my house from winter into Spring!

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