Books – Best Friend

How do you stay so calm when I am in rage? How do you manage to stay quiet when I sob in pain? How do you put my fears to rest? How do you shed my negativity to waste? How do you caress me with your benign disposition? How do you let me wash all the malice I carry within? How do you listen to me with patience? How do you remain with me in all my mess? How do you hear me rant? And, how do you bring the most beautiful melodies close to my ears? How is that I get rid of my anger in your presence? How is it that I am overwhelmed with your absence? How my head doesn’t ache to talk to you while the whole world complains of this? How do you become my secret-keeper and the most precious lucky-charm? How do you control me so well? How do I simply feel the best in your company? How do I seek nothing but you in all my presents? How do you receive me so well with my utterly dismal temper? How do you flow serenely and make me stay? How do you hold me when all I am thinking of is to run away? Why do you do this all, in the first place?

And it finally whispered,” Because you said once that I am your best friend and how can a best friend leave you in the lurch ever. Remember, I will always try to understand you. And to hear you out would always remain my duty.”

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11 thoughts on “Books – Best Friend

  1. Books have been savior in all my tough times, as I often say they never leave you like people. Loved your words beautiful and poetic โค

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