The Wallflowers – Poem

I see around me numerous walking wallflowers

Each tending to the world in a way

Which none of us understands

Amidst the reverberating glory of our lively hours. 

I see them grappling them to be ‘them’

And challenge what that tries hard

To change them.

I find them talking to their self

In their sobs and anger and abrupt fits

Trying to hide their anxiety

And trying even harder to not become a ‘misfit.’

I piercingly look through them

When they make hopeless efforts 

To wear unnecessary labels

And flaunt them proudly, as if someone cares.

I see around me numerous wallflowers

Feigning to be mean and cold

Showing off their bitch faces

Letting the world declare them ‘rude’

In the face of their pretended ‘indifference’.

I walk along with the wallflowers

Shrugging their shoulders and looking at their feet

Scratching their heads and flashing a smile so sweet

Running and dancing to the fine tunes

Which resonate with them as their hearts beat.

I listen to the wallflowers 

Making an attempt to follow the creed

And trying to escape the honor of being a lead

Because they are afraid to see

Themselves being freed.

And then I do stumble upon the wallflowers

Vying and getting away with their fears

Fighting for themselves like a warrior,

Standing up to what they believe 

Wearing their tiny, fragile hearts on the sleeve

Because they want to wipe out the gloom

Because all these wallflowers want is to Bloom!

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22 thoughts on “The Wallflowers – Poem

  1. Oh my, this is one of your deepest, “densest” poems yet. It has layers and layers. I see a gaggle of young (perhaps teenage, maybe high school girls mingling together. As the individual (I assume it is you, the individualist, the “different” (in a GOOD way) one. Leaders take charge and don’t try to wear the latest styles, they set their own. They do not think like others, prioritize their goals and needs like others, for they are the leaders, not the wallflowers. In your writing and reviews, I see you as a leader, definitely NOT a wallflower. This is a revealing poem, one I am glad you shared with your blogging friends; one I am glad you shared with me, Friend.

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    1. Wow! With such an amazing response I am overwhelmed to a deeper layer. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with me, thank you for being a ‘friend’, thank you for seeing in me what even I have failed to see, thank you so much 🙂
      This truly means a lot!

      Liked by 2 people

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