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Treading The Uneven Road – Book Review

  • Author: L.M. Brown
  • Genre: Literary Fiction
  • Pages: 179
  • Publisher: Fomite (14 March 2019)

BLURB as on Goodreads

The stories in this linked collection are set in a small village in the Northwest of Ireland in the early 1980s and ’90s. A bypass around the village has rid them of their once busy traffic. The residents feel forgotten by the world. The need to reach out and be heard is explored in every story, from the young woman who starts to have phone conversations with her husband’s gay lover, to the dyslexic man who confronts his cruel teacher years later.

The collection is not only about the characters need for salvation but it is about a society that is unraveling. In Amends, we hear about the Bishop who has fathered a child. A priest is beckoned by a dying man to be mocked. The world inside and outside the village is changing. In every story, the characters need to make a choice on how they might carry on.

My Review

To look into the shards of the mirror of the bygone times is painful but carefully articulated stories are the best means to walk around the old lanes and befriend the characters who once lived and whose stories continue to linger in the hiding with us.

Set in the late 20th century Ireland, Treading The Uneven Road is a poignant account of the citizens of an Irish town, their eccentricities and their challenges which make them vivid and real. It is a compendium of 9 short stories around several characters who represent love, fear, passion, attachment, and other human qualities. They symbolize the true essence of the real people we are with all our flaws and cracks. It is this quality that makes you love this book.

A melancholy flows through the pages and hits hard at the end of each story. Because the book is written finely, you would be hooked to it and a journey with the people resting within the pages who are blunt and dark, who desire to escape themselves would be amazing. The description painted of the town with the bridges, the bakery shop, the Our Lady is fascination. It is so real that you could see it. The best part was that all the 9 stories are intertwined and related in some peculiar fashion. They are bound with each other, perhaps with an invisible but significant thread. And that’s how stories come alive!

To put in a nutshell, if you love to binge on short stories and is not affected by the somber tone of the narrative then you could go ahead with this book!





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