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For the Blood is the Life – Book Review

  • Author: Joe Albanese
  • Print Length: 73 pages
  • Publisher: Books to Go Now (14 March 2019)
  • Sold by: Amazon Asia-Pacific Holdings Private Limited
  • Language: English

BLURB as on Goodreads

Evan Summers is a detective with a shameful past, a muddled present, and an uncertain future. While investigating a series of gruesome murders and trying to battle his alcoholism, Summers will try to reconnect with his young son. But when a break in the case puts his family at risk, it will be up to Summers alone to capture the mysterious killer. It will test the limits of his addiction, and make Summers decide how just far he will go to protect the person he loves.

My Review

Sometimes we need the help we think we don’t.

An alcoholic detective is hunting a face behind all the barbaric murders of the women and is simultaneously stuck with a challenge in his personal life. The past history of him being abusive haunts him and it is difficult for him to get through it. Meanwhile, he is bitten by something that casts a shadow on his already gloomy life.  Would he be able to come off this web? Would he be able to conquer his demons and protect his dear ones?

For The Blood Is The Life is a scary story that has emotions at its core. It primarily focuses on a person grappling with his miserable past and trying to make peace with it. Along with it, lingers the mystery behind the killing of several women. And during this investigation, our protagonist meets a horrifying truth that handicaps him. But the challenge lies in him overcoming the bad energy to kill the human inside him. The storyline is fine and nicely executed. I liked how the author sets up the backdrop and draws the narrative. The language is well and the flow of the story is smooth. I didn’t find any loophole. It was a breezy read for me. And I really like books which are short and precise. So yeah, this one was really good. However, this whole sequence of murder mystery was not unique. I have come across such plots before too and so, the story didn’t strike me in particular. What engaged me was the writing style. So, if you are a stickler of a fine writing style and gory details, you can definitely pick this book.





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