To The Girl Who Reads

To the girl who reads,

Hey long time, no see! I hardly see you nowadays. I try hard to reach out to you but somewhere and somehow, I fail time and again. And that’s how I miss you. Every time! Perhaps, you’d be drowning somewhere in the ocean of your books and the fabled land of dystopian reality. Either you would be reading someone’s mind or you might be spinning a tale of your own for others to read. That’s how you are. You like to wander and inhale the vibe of constant change. That makes you happy. You are always rambling in your dreamland without concern for the world around. That doesn’t mean that you are indifferent and ignorant of the presence of others’ lives. In fact, you are way more empathetic than so many of us. You know things, you try to understand them and try harder to get them right in whichever way you can. But often, you are misconstrued for your priorities. Often you hear people criticizing your love for fiction than reality. Often people laugh at the piles of books you surround yourself with and remark at your appearance which does not resemble that of a hot chick’s.

You are seen carrying books with the rim of your spectacles adorning your nose. People say you names but you shoo them away. Your hair are messy, clothes not very sparkling, skin just the way it is, smile that is genuine, and a soul which is benign. You have a heart that feels and a spirit that craves to read. You get high on books rather than alcohol or weed. You adore beautifully written verses than spoken lines of movies. You like to create a scene of your own rather than seeing the one on screen. You spend early mornings or maybe, late nights dwelling into books while others are chatting over some masala gossip. You speak less but you aren’t recluse. You love to talk but of books and characters. You love to indulge in a company but of those who are simple and fine with your identity. You do want to go out and have fun but to places which fill you with light and vigor. You want to spread your arms wide and embrace the love. You want to read as much as you can in your lifetime. So, do it without caring about things which don’t matter. If books are your love and life, so be it!

Walk through the galaxies carrying fire in your soul, recite your dreams and build a world of your own!

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