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MAAYA- Book Review

Maaya – A Tryst With Self

  • Author: Minal Arora
  • Reading level: 18.00+ years
  • Paperback: 216 pages
  • Publisher: Prabhat Prakashan; 1 edition (1 August 2014)
  • Language: English

SYNOPSIS as on Goodreads

Maaya – A tryst with self’, is the story of a woman, Maaya, who, through her love for a man, Rahul, took on an incredible journey within, where she understood & experienced love in its purest, truest form. When Maaya first met Rahul, he touched a part of her soul that she had suppressed long ago in order to become the perfect girl for the love of her life, Kunal, whom she was engaged to. As Rahul and Maaya realized their feelings for each other, they also realized the futility of it all. Maaya gracefully let go of him to marry Kunal and have her happily ever after. Little did she expect that he would show up again in her life, at a point where she had separated from Kunal with their son Aryan, after 6 years of marriage, and her pursuit for his love would lead her to see love in a light she had never seen it in before. On the road she travels to reunite with her twin-soul, she is unexpectedly led to becoming a spiritual healer, the experience of which opened her up to an infinite horizon where she not only found love but so much more.

My Review

Past Life Regression Therapy is a thing which might appear fanciful. Most of us really don’t believe in the idea of soul talking and a past life guiding our present. THe twin-soul theory may also sound weird and the splitting of souls – well, that is another absurd thought. But, everything rests on faith. Believe it and you’ll have it.

Maaya is a tale of a woman grappling with her thoughts on life and love. She is besotted by love but is hampered by reality. She falls in love and is pushed out of it mercilessly. The intensity of her love is cruelly molded and treated by the circumstances. Her soft heart undergoes immense pain. And through this, she discovers her self! Amid the uprisings and downfalls, highs and lows, happiness and mellow, she realizes her inner power. She becomes the best of what she could be. She becomes stronger and wise as her soul transcends to make her better. All this significant change left their imprints on her through Past Life Regression Therapy. While she surrenders herself to a higher power, she gets her answers. And as she gives time to settle down the chaos enwrapping her life, she comes out happier.

The book chronicles the journey of an ordinary woman into becoming a Past Life Therapist. It traces her tough times and how she manages to get over them bravely. In this journey, Maaya comes across love, grief, separation, union of souls, friendship, faith, and the unadulterated love of her son. Through all the emotions playing a game, the author attempts to bring forth the value of spiritual upliftment. There are concepts of twin-soul relationship, past life, soulmates which are reinforced with a nice narrative lingering around Maaya. I am impressed by the story and the theories discussed in the book.

The characters were, however, major letdown especially that of Rahul’s, Maaya’s lover. I found him stupid, literally. His antiques around loving Maaya and then pushing her out of his life annoyed me a lot. I just couldn’t like him no matter what. His flaws were pretty much dismal which infuriated me. Maaya too appeared exceedingly weak at certain points which I really didn’t approve of. Other characters were relatively nice. Dev made up a good friend, Tessy & Claire noteworthy people, and Gagan a reliable confidante. The story was okay. The writing style could be improved. So, in all, it was a balanced affair.

If you too believe in reading about past lives and soulmates with a simple storyline, you may pick up this book!

MY RATING: 3.5/ 5


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