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NUMI – Book Review

  • Author: Nupur Sandhu
  • Paperback: 120 pages
  • Publisher: Blue Rose Publishers (26 February 2019)

BLURB as on Goodreads

“NUMI The Guarded Loop” takes us through the mystic, beautiful and intriguing journey of Nuha, a sensitive young girl. She has already hit the quintessential milestones of life, yet continues to look for the oasis, searching within her soulful realms for vistas unknown. Life is seldom all about the crust. It is an inexplicable amalgamation of memories, insights and the miniature droplets of self-realization we conjure on the way. The transcendence she experiences through her journey flips her back to the revered but concealed moments from lives gone by; she morphs from a jovial youngster to an enlightened soul, having inculcated the art of being in sync with the supreme Creator. Her trysts with the mystical lead her to make soul-stirring revelations. Discover how the protagonist’s life takes a 360 degree turn when she meets someone with whom she had spent 7200 lifetimes? Experience how the experiences of her previous lifetime’s imprint and control her present? Will Nuha be able to complete the puzzle of her deep-felt connection with the stranger?

My Review

NUMI signifies the ‘you’ in ‘me’. It depicts the two halves meeting to become one and whole. It is the story of spiritual upliftment and rediscovery of one’s true self. It is a tale of Nuha and Minha – the NUMI.

Nuha is a fun loving and cheerful lady who is happily married for two decades with a doting husband and a responsible son. She is blessed to have a supportive family who stood by her side in all ups and downs. She has been a bold spirit who lives her life on her terms. She has suffered in her first marriage and bravely took the step to enter into another. She stood for herself and for her dignity. But suddenly, she experiences an emptiness gnawing at her. Her heart feels heavy and she is clueless about her grim state. While on a soothing travel trip, she stumbles upon Second Innings and meets Minha (Past Life Regression Therapist) which prove to be the welcoming change in her life. What is it? How did Nuha travel through her ordeals?

I recently read a book on twin souls and past lives so I actually had some expectations from this book. I am glad that this one lived up to it. The author has attempted to portray the fragile emotions of a human being. Through Nuha’s heartwarming story, we travel from a heart burdened with loss and pain to the heart full of gratitude and purity. It is this journey which fascinated me to finish the book in one go! Nuha’s character is delightful. Her problems, her pain, her persona seems real. Her craving for her mentor Minha’s love is surreal. Through an exquisite language and a unique plot, the book makes its way to our hearts. I am impressed by the author’s words at the beginning of each chapter. They were food for thought truly. I have always believed in the past lives and a connection with some random stranger. I do think there does exist something mystical. And so, Nuha’s journey towards finding the missing piece of the puzzle of her life appealed me. The narration did seem dragged and lacked the quality of engagement. The characters were well developed and placed. The transitions between past and present were also smooth. In all, I liked the book for its fresh perspective.

If past lives intrigue you if spirituality is your craving if enlightenment is something you seek you can give this book a read!

MY RATING: 3.5/ 5


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