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5 Confessions All Romance Readers Should Own Up To – Guest Post by Chelsea Parker

5 Confessions All Romance Readers Should Own Up To


If you’re a romance reader, chances are you’ve got a few secrets about your hobby that you don’t like to disclose with others. You may even be in denial about it yourself! But here are 5 confessions of romance readers you should own up to.

We Read Romance For The Female Roles
When it comes to a genre that’s marketed to women, it means the role of the leading female isn’t defined by her male counterparts. She isn’t a tool within the story to achieve something, she is the story itself! There’s no limit to what she can do, and every story explores her weaknesses and strengths.

Avoid Reality Or Spice It Up A Bit
We usually either fall into one of two categories; either avoiding the struggles we have with our current love life or to relish in the anguish and drama of others love affairs. Real life love can be tough, hard to find or lose its excitement with time. One way to rev up our engines and get our hearts pumping again is to enjoy that experience through fantasy and fiction.

The Drama 
Most of us have been told at some point that women are emotional. We are all different in how we control or express those emotions, but many romance readers would probably admit that emotional highs and lows of romance novels are what keep us coming back for more. To cry with the protagonist, to blush when things get hot, and feel our hearts flutter with the love scenes isn’t a pleasure to be guilty about!

Fictional Fantasy Guys
It is tough to find a good man. If you do land a sweetie you still can’t find a good guy like a fiction guy! Whether it being god-like beauty and sexual appeal, emotional strength to carry you through any hardship, or the uncanny ability to always know when his loved one is in trouble. Our hearts swoon at these unrealistic yet so delicious fantasies.

Addicted to Love And Anguish
It’s often said there can’t be pleasure without knowing pain, and that every rose has its thorn. The same goes for love. Often the incredible highs of starry-eyed romance scenes are contrasted by deep depths of depression and loneliness. We may be just a little masochistic, but we’re waiting for the deep sadness to bloom into that glowing moment of redemption.

If you’re a romance reader, there’s nothing wrong with having wild fantasies or enjoying the beautiful tension of romance. It’s the joy of the ride and keeps our hearts warm. Love and intimacy is an important biological need for women. So embrace these confessions if they’re your own, and have fun!

About the Author

Chelsea Parker is a blogger and editor at Pillow Talk Books, a website that offers daily emails filled with bestselling free and bargain romance ebooks.

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  1. I am also quite habitual of Romance genre. Okay, what if somebody try to change these Romance troops somehow? I think this will be quite revolutionary and something fresh for Romance readers, right?

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