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Wild Card – Book Review

  • Author: Asfiya Rahman
  • Print Length: 176 pages
  • Publisher: Half Baked Beans (5 December 2016)
  • Language: English

BLURB as on Goodreads

Karan Mehrotra thinks he has it all. He is about to marry the love of his life, Riya and is on his way to winning at Wimbledon, fulfilling a childhood dream of his. However, destiny has other plans for him and he is forced to put aside his dreams when life throws a wild card at him. Eight years later destiny coyly lays another wild card in front of him. Does he finally get another chance to fulfill his childhood dream or will he let his fear stop him from taking up the challenge?
Find out how a tennis champion is forced to step away from his fame into obscurity and how a bossy little girl forces him to take up one of the hardest challenges of his life and face the life he had left behind.

My Review

Wild Card is a story of love and ambition, of dreams and perseverance, of fighting and endurance, of success and passion.

Karan, a shining tennis star, has crawled back to his shell after his wife Riya dies immediately after giving birth to their daughter Roshni. Karan takes the charge of upbringing his daughter and leaves behind his dream of becoming a Wimbledon Champion. After 8 long years, Roshni stumbles upon his laurels and accolades and coaxes him to return to his world of Tennis. After pretty much of showing reluctance, he agrees to do it only for Roshni. In the process, he realizes the frustration brimming inside of him due to leaving his dream in the lurch all those years ago. He realizes that if one is equipped with the right toolset containing grit, determination, zeal, and confidence, nothing can stop you from winning.

On the first look, one might be of an opinion that Wild Card is exclusively a sports book. Also, one may be puzzled to relate the title of the book to the anticipated storyline. To clear the air, read the book! The book has a lucid writing style and a heartwarming plotline at its core. With a smooth flow of the story, one would easily finish reading it soon. The language and expressions are nice. Moreover, the interspersing of sports with life and relationships made it all the more interesting. Karan’s journey from a fallen and forgotten tennis star to a winner is heavily inspiring. One would be impacted after reading his story. Not to forget, the book underlines the value of friendship in the form of Vikram who stands beside Karan through all his ordeals.

With a crisp narrative and no beating around the bush, the book does have the potential to engage its readers. Do check this out if you are into sports and even if you are not, go for it for some light motivational read!

MY RATING: 3.75/ 5



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