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Flowers On The Path – Book Review

  • Author: Sadhguru
  • Genre: Personal Development & Self Help
  • Paperback: 192 pages
  • Publisher: Penguin Ananda (28 January 2019)
  • Language: English

My Review

Spirituality is an elusive and important subject which needs to be incorporated in the syllabus for living a fulfilling life. It is this subject which has been broached here, in the Flowers on the Path by Sadhguru.

The book is a bunch of articles by Sadhguru which provides insight into the realm of spirituality. The entire spiritual journey is being mapped out in terms of floral imagery. A human mind is compared to the flower while its stem is being considered similar to the spine. With a simple writing style, the author initiates a conversation with how we need spirituality in our quotidian lives. He directs towards the need for good parenting, of peace in our world regardless of conflicts, of the impact of rising intolerance, etc. He moves on to talk emphatically about the Yoga. Yogasana is deemed to be an ideal way of cleansing your soul. And the author charts a path for us to do it. Towards the end, we come to believe that what lies within is supreme and that we are our own masters.

The book is crisp and concise. Each chapter is short and precise enough to make its point. I liked how the author outs his point forward by not indulging into verbose prose. Rather he uses simple words, simple examples to make the indelible mark on his readers. Though the book is good for beginners, I didn’t find it exceptionally well for seasoned readers.

MY RATING: 3.5/ 5

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