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WILD CARD 2 – Book Review

  • Author: Asfiya Rahman
  • Genre: Tennis (sports)
  • Paperback 120 pages
  • Publisher: Half Baked Beans (1 May 2019)

BLURB as on Goodreads

Tahira Rizvi was a young tennis player who got the opportunity of her life when she was invited to be part of Karan Mehrotra’s successful attempt at Wimbledon. Back from Wimbledon, she wants to make one last attempt at building a career for herself as a professional tennis player. But there are just too many questions. Has she left it too late? Will she get the support she needs from her friends and family? More importantly, will she get the opportunity she needs to prove that she can turn things around? And what about Vikram? He may say he is in love with her but can they have a future together? What do you do if both opportunity and romance are knocking on the same door? Who will you let in first? Will Tahira be able to move from the stands of Wimbledon to the courts of Wimbledon? And if she does, what is the price she will pay?

My Review

It is the strength not just of your game but also your brain which brings victory to you.

This was the first thought I had when I wrapped up reading Wild Card 2. And in a way, this book does give that message to its readers that one has to endure the pressure in order to emerge victoriously.

Tahira had nestled a dream of playing in Wimbledon some day. When she sees Karan winning the Championship, the flame starts burning brighter to pull her towards her dream. Despite her father’s resistance, she steps out and works her nerves to accomplish her goal. Would she win this time? How far a girl who is already considered to be too late to carry on her with her aspirations would go? How would destiny treat her?

Wild Card 2 is the sequel to the book Wild Card. The first part was focussed on Karan who after a hiatus of eight-nine years makes a comeback only to win this time. The second part is centered on Tahira. She is a player with flair but sadly, it is occasional and that doesn’t guarantee you a victory. Life is unpredictable and so is winning and losing a match. Tahira took a bold step when she decided to almost give up on her dream after a shocking defeat. But is a defeat the end of the story? Definitely not. Nevertheless, the ecstasy of experiencing your dream is beyond the taste of failure or success.

The book has a different plotline that manages to engage the readers. The cover is fine and the blurb is nice as well. What interested me the most was a player spirit portrayed in the book through its characters which is not true only for sportsperson but a normal human being too. We should never give up on our dreams. In spite of coming close to a defeat, we must continue looking forward to trying and trying our best. A well-managed narration along with a lucid writing style makes reading this book enjoyable. The characters are realistic and all of them get the due space on the screen. I liked Vikram, Karan’s best friend, who roots for Tahira amidst a lost match. In all, this book is so much tennis and life that one would be happy reading it.

MY RATING: 3.5/ 5

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