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Give Your Heart A Break – Book Review

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Written flawlessly with tenderness and fury, heartbreak and acceptance, give your heart a break is the story of Addya, a flamboyant, confident woman, leading a carefree life. That is, until the day she gets married, and her life suddenly takes a turn for the worse. Caught in a steadily deteriorating relationship, Addya is stretched to her limits as she tries to cope. Through it all, she has her brother Agastya standing by her side like a rock, vowing to avenge his sister. Will Addya be able to survive unscathed? Will Agastya succeed in seeking justice? Or will he succumb to the wounds of his past? Can the love of his life, Tarjani, provide him succor? Inspired by a true story, this is an incredible tale of abuse and vulnerability, of the exhilaration of romance, of an unshakeable sibling bond that is at once unique and universal. Above all, this is Anuj Tiwari’s unsparing account of love and loss, capturing the grit and courage of a woman trapped in a loveless relationship.

My Review

Life is all about perspective.

A selfless and unconditional love between siblings coupled with a grim reality of the Indian society forms the backbone of Give Your Heart A Break. It is a heartwarming tale of an ambitious young woman Aadya who finds herself dying in a tormenting relationship and decides to step out of it only to face more grave issues and challenges which would test her resilience. In her journey to battle against a wounded marriage, she has her brother Agastya and cousin Arjun backing her. The path to obtaining justice against a troubled marriage in India is full of thorns. The question is whether Aadya would be able to sail through this storm? Would she be able to come off her past and start afresh? Would she ever come to terms with her dark memories and eye her aspirations, all over again?

It is okay to fall, be a mess, ruin things. What really matters is how strong your comeback is.

This is the message delivered in the book through the life of Aadya. Her story represents all those women of our society who live their lives adjusting themselves in a marriage. They lose their voice, their perspective, their will to raise their voices. Their misery is looked down upon as something normal and they are taught to necessarily endure it to sustain their relationships. It is disheartening to read this aspect described in this book.

Through beautiful short messages delivered here and there in the book, the author attempts to instill positivity in his readers. I admire the character of Agastya which is brazen yet so soft. He is all ready to tackle the challenges being posed to his family. He is there to support his sister within no time. This beautiful sibling bond touched me. Along with that, Arjun’s character too attracted me. The character which didn’t appeal me much was that of Dimpy Aunty. Hers seemed to be an ideal one too good to be real.

The seamless flow of emotions in the book definitely hooked me to the book. There was no dearth of raw and true feelings in the narrative which has been presented very well. I really liked the lucid writing style and crisp narration which brought out the central story fabulously. The character development was fair enough. Moreover, the cover was aesthetically pleasing. It just caught my eyeballs instantly.

To put in a nutshell, it is an emotional story with a different plotline that primarily highlights the love of a brother and sister. One could definitely read it once.

MY RATING: 3.75/ 5


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