Chronicle Of A Death Foretold – Book Review

  • Author: Gabriel García Márquez
  • Paperback: 122 pages
  • Publisher: Penguin India; Latest edition (14 October 2000)
  • Language: English

BLURB as on Goodreads

A man returns to the town where a baffling murder took place twenty-seven years earlier, determined to get to the bottom of the story. Just hours after marrying the beautiful Angela Vicario, everyone agrees, Bayardo San Roman returned his bride in disgrace to her parents. Her distraught family forced her to name her first lover, and her twin brothers announced their intention to murder Santiago Nasar for dishonoring their sister.

Yet if everyone knew the murder was going to happen, why did no one intervene to try and stop it? The more that is learned, the less is understood, and as the story races to its inexplicable conclusion, an entire society–not just a pair of murderers—is put on trial.

My Review

“There had never been a death so foretold.” 

I have heard so much about Marquez’s books. He is known to weave his stories wrapped in magical realism. His writing style is one of those that enchant you completely. And to get all those heard words right, I picked up this one as my first Garcia’s read. No wonder he is a Noble Prize Winner in literature.

Chronicle Of A Death Foretold is a gripping story that portrays the shame of the society which believes in the virginity of a woman only if she can produce a crimson stain on the white sheet after her first night. This formed the plotline of this book. Angela is returned to her parents’ home after her husband Bayardo discovers that she is not a virgin. Her mother beats her up to get the name out of her mouth who deflowered her. She utters, “Santiago Nasar.” Hearing this, her twin brothers set on a fury mission to kill the young man. They announce their plan of killing Santiago to everyone in the town. Yet he could not be saved from succumbing to the children’s play of stabbing. To know why, read the book.

It is a fine piece of literature that develops its story slowly, taking its own sweet time. I liked how the author manages to keep the reader hooked to the book till the last page without any evident suspense. The book keeps its readers attached to it solely on the grounds of its spellbinding narration. The narrative is smooth and the central plot intriguing. Although there were so many characters to puzzle me, in the end, the book did captivate me. I would recommend this book to people who already have a good command over language and possess a habit of reading a little complex literature. For the newbies, wait for a while before you embark on exploring Marquez’s world.

MY RATING: 4.25 / 5 


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