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High School Queens (The High School Queens Trilogy Book 1) by Zachary Ryan – Book Review

  • Author: Zachary Ryan
  • Genre: Young Adult
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Print Length: 311 pages
  • Publisher: Kingston Publishing Company; 1 edition (21 March 2019)
  • Language: English


They all thought they did a masterful job of keeping their secrets close to their chest. These stupid fools thought they were the high court of this kingdom, but they had no clue who was really pulling the strings. You might wonder to yourself, who would be that heartless to make them backstab their friends, expose other’s secrets, and lose their morals? You don’t need to know who I am, but you better remember my name, The Marked Queen.

Danielle, Andrew, Delilah, Aman, and Jasmine all are now faced with a mysterious villain whose goal is to ruin each of their lives. They must protect their secrets at all cost, or they’ll be the next victim on Marked Day. They know what’s at stake, and they’ll stop at nothing to continue being: the rich spoiled girl, the normal teenager, the girl who isn’t banging the principal, the straight vlogger, and the girl who isn’t her dad’s punching bag. What happens when The Marked Queen changes up the game just in time for prom? Will each of our favorite puppets survives? Or are they willing to backstab each other just to keep up their personas? The only thing lost at this prom wasn’t going to be their virginity.

Sex, Lies, and High School Queens explores the major theme of self-acceptance. Can they learn to accept all their flaws or prey victim to The Marked Queen? Each chapter continues to fill your sweet tooth until the climactic moment at the prom where you get to have that final bite of the bitch cake you’ve been dying to consume.

My Review

Teenage is the time where the youngsters undergo a wave of change; actually a series of change which molds their personality and minds. They are concerned about their social standing, bodies, relationships, career, and sexual needs. They are prone to step into darkness due to the absence of self-esteem and proper guidance. They try hard at making their front porch look well while their backyard is a mess.

High School Queens (Book 1) is a fast-paced and riveting account of the typical American High-School Drama where the author explores the variety of issues teenagers face while growing up. Consisting of six primary characters – Danielle, Delilah, Jasmine, Calvin, Aman, and Andrew – the book gives ample space to each of them for raising their voices and bring forth their respective characters. The students are vying to earn the titles of Queens and Kings but what would happen when the Marked Queen is after them to expose their dirty secrets.

We very well know that the teenage years are the most influential years of one’s life. We create a picture of us that resembles more our fantasies but drifts us apart from our realities. We give birth to a web of lies entangling us finding it hard to break out of it. The book focusses on this very aspect wonderfully. It has gay relationships, abusive parents, poverty, and craving for wealth, body shaming, back-stabbing, alcohol abuse, sexual needs, lies, etc. I really appreciate the smooth flow of the story and the fantastic storytelling by the author Zachary Ryan.

The excessive blow jobs of Delilah did give me a headache and bouts of disgust but perhaps, this was needed to show how a teenager having low self-esteem could be self-destructive. What also didn’t go well with me was the treatment of female characters putting them up with choicest of expletives and cuss words. Rest, the book would definitely attract the young adults who might learn to see themselves in the light of truth and learn self-acceptance.

I am eagerly waiting for book 2 to know who would be our dearest Revenge Queen.




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