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The ImmortaL Talks by Shunya- Book Summary by Vgetfresh

Guest Post by Vgetfresh

The Immortal Talks is a brilliant spiritual book by a group of anonymous monks, who are far from the hassle of modern life.

This book is a journey of a mortal to achieve the gleam of immortal. This is the journey where you want to go again and again. the journey where you feel enlightened, liberated, and most of that you feel the lie and deception of this mortal world. I would prefer this book for everyone who wants to take the ride of such a journey.

It contains a summary of the teachings imparted by Lord Hanuman to his ardent disciples. The talks lead the disciples through the mysteries of life and death and enlighten them on how to lead a detached life. 

When I came across the book, I found the concept very appealing and magnetic. Then, I started reading the book. I got glued to the book so much that it took me barely two days to finish reading the whole book.

The book is neatly divided into six chapters. Each chapter deals with the different realities of life, like karma, desire, destiny, and death. The different concepts are lucidly explained in the chapters. The book starts with a prologue, where the author explains the background of the two monks, who enter the forest to mingle with the Mahtangs. These monks observe the secret rituals of the Mahtang tribe and decipher their talks with the Lord.

It is normal for the reader to be confused about the concepts and philosophies in the beginning. The book needs to be read with the utmost concentration to understand the minute details of the philosophical teachings rendered by Lord Hanuman.

The book elucidates the difficult concepts of an alternate reality, the concept of time and space, karma and death. It ends with a beautiful explanation of the importance of saying regular prayers and the correct method of venerating one’s deity.

The subtle art of words woven in the book makes it nearly impossible to keep it aside.

The language and terminology are simple, but the theories and ideologies are very complicated. Slightest lack of attention, and you’ll miss the whole essence.

If you are interested in philosophy, spiritualism, peace, karma, desire, destiny or death, this book is a must-read.

Have a happy reading time!!

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  1. Vgetfresh your post is informative and crisp. But, how about adding short insights about the chapters that the book consists of and the little more information about the Mahtang tribe? The same method I have used for writing a similar article for Immortal Talks on our website. Have a look at it and let me know what you think?


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