‘Whom should I trust?’ by Meghna Doshi – Book Review

Whom should I trust?: Mystery, Lies, and Romance

  • Author: Meghna Doshi
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Print Length: 149 pages
  • Sold by: Amazon Asia-Pacific Holdings Private Limited
  • Language: English


This is the story of a college-going girl named ‘Elena’, who was leading a perfectly fine and happy life. But in a period of 6 months, someone turned her happy-go-lucky life upside down. Someone was constantly pestering her, and she didn’t even realize how she started following everything that he told her to do. Who is that someone? How did he compel Elena to follow his orders? The once smiling and lively Elena had started living in fear. What can be his purpose? Is that person a stranger or someone very known and dear one? Will Elena fall into more difficulties if she keeps on following him? Are there any secrets behind it? Check out the story of Elena’s roller-coaster life with the emotions of torture, fear, and love.

Book Review (1)

Whom Should I Trust is a simple tale of a girl Elena who is entangled in the web of lies and love and finds it hard to decide whether whom should she trust. She has just begun going to college and stumbles upon a guy Kev who is also her senior. He has an instant liking for her and her mushy flattery wins Elena’s heart and they fall in love. Elena’s best friend Tyna asks her to stay away from Kev giving irrational explanations for her brother Ryan is after Elena. But then, there is a Fedora man who is following Elena and threatens to make her life worse. Who is he? What are the reasons for driving him to uproot Elena’s life?

The initial set-up of the story made me wonder if the plot is going to be any different from the usual romance novels. Though there is a climax which undoubtedly surprised me, I didn’t find the story unique. To start with, I disliked the characters. The protagonist Elena is so naive to repose her faith in a boy whom she recently met. They fell in love as if love is some sort of a mood swing. It was pretty quick for me to actually digest. The flattery of Kev made me dislike him more. The way he addresses Elena as ‘beautiful’ vexed me utterly. Tyna and Ryan being the side characters were okay with their roles. Joseph playing Elena’s professor wasn’t an effective subject.

What blew me was my assumption regarding the mystery of Fedora man. That’s something I would like to appreciate the author for putting up a good show. So yes, the narrative fell flat on me but the twist of the story worked. The language is easy and comprehensible. The character development could have been better to get some likable characters. Moreover, the central plot was weak. It didn’t excite me at all. I just found it to be common and anyone with light reading taste and a liking for dramatic romance might enjoy it. Nonetheless, the title goes perfectly with the book as Elena is actually stuck in the flow of the story and is unsure of whom should she actually trust.

MY RATING: 2.75/ 5


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