Reading is a gift! – Poetry

I’ve found faith in reading,

And tasted exotic freedom in its truest meaning.

With each prose or poetry

Built upon the juxtaposition of words and emotions

I have found a rational explanation

Behind people resorting to writing.

Reading perfected me to have reasonable symphonies

Playing in the loop in my quotidian life,

It conditioned me into believing in idyllic fantasies

Which usurped my dreams and consciousness alike.

Reading brings me inexplicable joy

In the meadows of crafted stories

And humdrum of life-like characters,

I saw a beautiful world

Which I have long been weaving.

To the surprise of my senses

And contentment of my creative juices,

I have got reading as a gift

Which uplifts my intellect

Refines my emotional quotient

Compels me to write more

And believe in the surrealism of dreams.

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28 thoughts on “Reading is a gift! – Poetry

  1. Awesome. I’m actually looking to help promote poetry and prose writers in a summer-themed creative writing post, and this is the type of material that I’m looking for. I have details posted on the calls for submission section of my blog. πŸ™‚

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