The Kind Of Books I Love To Read – A Personal Account

The Kind Of Books I Love To Read


Let’s talk about my favorite kind of books. I am mostly fascinated by Beautiful Romance or Mystery/ Psychological Thriller or splendid Literary Fiction/ Non-Fiction. I like books which give me an acute headache once I am done reading them. Such books have so much mystery and thrill and speed that one could not resist the temptation to flip the pages. Then there are the ones which are written so well that after every few pages, I would close the book and my eyes to just absorb what I read, to feel the narrative inside me, to get the clear picture of the world painted by the author with their vivid description.

A few books are loved because of the adrenaline rush they give me while others are cherished for a specific reason of making me feel – anger, love, life, confusion, dilemma – in short, the ones which make me realize the raw and untainted beauty of being a human. My favorite remains to be Tuesdays With Morrie which was simple yet so amazing in transcending and transforming my beliefs. I recommend it to every other person like crazy and if you haven’t, then please do read it 🙂

Tell me about your favorite kind of books.

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6 thoughts on “The Kind Of Books I Love To Read – A Personal Account

  1. I like books that exhaust me, drain me, challenge me, force me to suspend belief, books, books, and more books. They can be wrenching with emotion or breath-holding from action or suspense. Books can make us feel/think/cry/giggle. Books can do anything!

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  2. I love almost all kinds of books. But I have a special attachment to coming-of-age novels. It’s like the character in the book grows and matures before our eyes. Maybe it’s because I find a lot to relate to in books of this genre. I also enjoy writing about such books on my blog.

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  3. I don’t think anyone loves books as much as you do! I’ve read EVERYTHING but, these days, mostly non-fiction. I love to learn new things and be surprised. Some of the books I read even make me uncomfortable in the sense of letting go of illusions. I think you can find the truth in books in a way you can’t in any other medium. Thanks, take care 😊😊


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