Self-Love in the Times of Social Media

Self-Love & Social Media

In the tremendously competitive scenario of who gets more likes and comments on their pictures, we go an extra mile to get a perfect click. With the emergence of social media, especially Instagram where the visual appeal of a post matters the most, we are resorting to every possible means to put up the most gorgeous version of ours in our feeds. A fad that has taken down our self-esteem to a point where until we are popular or appreciated on social media, we don’t find ourselves good enough.

Seeking acceptance from your social circle is something which has been rooted in our society from the beginning of time. What has catapulted it to an unimaginable level is our willingness to go to any extent to garner attention and then retreating into our shells out of despair for failing at putting up a good exhibition. The point here is not that we shouldn’t doll ourselves up or get into pretty clothes to look more appealing, the point is why to let it become the sole measure of your self-worth. Okay, I hear people cribbing about that self-love is a friggin’ shit and the concept is just more of an exaggerated narcissism. But, tell me why finding pleasure only in the flowery words of people a valid point? Why decorating oneself and having that mesmerizing click which repels your reality so important for us?

I am as much comfortable in my morning unwashed face as I would be in the one I go out with. And with this, I don’t mean you should be outrageously coming out in the open with your ‘true’ faces. What I just want to put forth is that don’t go crazy about immersing yourself in the pool of social acceptance. You are definitely good and far more beautiful than what others would make you believe. Don’t let those numbers affect your mental peace and taint the image you have of you! Just believe in yourself and stay confident about you 🙂

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