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Book Review – INFiNITY by Minal Arora

  • Author: Minal Arora
  • Paperback: 232 pages
  • Publisher: Prabhat Prakashan; First edition (2018)
  • Language: English


Infinity is the journey of Earth from her creation to this moment, as received from her. This book is an endeavor to convey the true purpose of human existence through time and beyond. It is a pathway to deep spiritual insights which take the reader through an enthralling ride into their consciousness. ‘Infinity’ reveals deep secrets of life and death, the conscious mind, karma, disease, past lives and healing the soul. It explains all about life, love, relationships, and Nirvana. It conveys how abundance can be lived rather than only sought. It reveals the solution to every human’s inherent search for love, peace, and joy. It unveils practical techniques to connect with one’s higher self and live a guided and graceful life. This text allows one to realize how they are capable of manifesting an effortless yet beautiful existence. Infinity unfolds the pristine path to recognizing the infinite potential for self-empowerment as offered by virtue of being human.

My Review

INFiNITY is an unlimited and inexplicable entity. We seek to be infinite in our lives, we desire to have all the positives in an infinite measure but can we have it all? What does it take to absorb infinity?

I read Maaya previously by the author and didn’t seem to appreciate the concept much. So honestly, yes, I was a bit anxious to pick this one. And I am glad to say that this one didn’t disappoint me a bit. In fact, it just surpassed my expectations and found a place in my heart that I am wholeheartedly going to recommend it to anyone and everyone.

It is non-fiction which captures the journey of self-recognition beautifully. The cover which is simple and unique represents the path of a human seeking tryst with his self. Through the muddy spiral of hatred, resentment, and all other negativities, you unwind and unfurl yourself to bloom like a lotus. Isn’t it amazing? The book has been divided into short chapters covering a wide variety of subjects pertaining to our life and existence. The author has made appreciable efforts to explain the intricate details of love, family, society, fear, success/ failure, misery, etc as easy as possible. This is proven by the dialogue she establishes with her readers. The glimpse of it could be seen as she goes on to support her explanations and arguments with anecdotes and her experiences. That makes absorbing this book easy. The book took small steps, one at a time, to direct us towards recognizing our true self. We humans too vibrate and our frequencies differ when we are sick and healthy. The author’s take on diseases, family, relationships took me by surprise and I really loved to be a part of this exquisite journey.

If you are looking for spiritual upliftment, go for it. If you are seeking answers, go for it. If you want to delve deeper into your problems, go for it. Just read it and I am sure that the path would amuse you as much as it amused me.



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