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Moment Of Signal by Sreedhar Bevara – Book Review

  • Author: Sreedhar Bevara
  • Genre: Personal Development & Self-Help
  • Paperback: 280 pages
  • Publisher: Fingerprint! Publishing; 1 edition (1 April 2019)
  • Language: English


As a young child, Sreedhar Bevara lived in extreme poverty in a small town in India. By following the signals that are accessible to all of us, Sreedhar found his way out of poverty and into a successful career with top global corporations. In moment of signal: how being alert to signals can change your life and make you a better leader, Sreedhar helps you sense the moments of signal (MOS) in your own life to become the great leader you can be.

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Each moment in life is significant as we progress toward achieving milestones. The moments which shaped the way we view ourselves, our jobs, and our world, they play a vital role in the process of becoming or unbecoming something. It is these moments which have a crucial role and a high value attached to them that has been talked about in this book.

Moment of Signal refers to the capacity to be conscious of yourself, others, and the environment. It is explained as one of the very important traits of a leader. This book has been divided into tightly knit ten chapters guiding us through what is a moment of signal and how shall we derive benefit out of it. The author has incorporated his personal experiences in the text to connect with the readers. The candid narrative and lucid writing style make it easy for a reader to engage with the book. It is a book to be savored, and definitely not to be devoured.

I really liked the presentation of the book which didn’t feel dull to me at any point. The author has emphatically explained the importance of hard work, passion, grace, hygiene, and health in building up a good career success. the book also lays focus on some very interesting concepts such as interlinking of shape up and shape in. There are bright and illustrious personalities who have multiplied the value of this book with their wisdom and also I would commend the author for weaving it all together really well. The book tells us to be aware and vigilant. It compels us to focus, adapt, and train. It provides us an insight into the mechanism of success and how we should drive our potential to attain it. We do have competencies, skills, talents, which could be nurtured, shaped and encouraged to achieve success.

The book stands equally valuable for a corporate leader or a common man to learn about paying attention to each fleeting moment to sustain the crisis and emerge happily. A highly recommended book for all the age groups. Such books need to be read by all.

MY RATING: 4.25/ 5


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