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Just Feelings by R.P. Man – Book Review

  • Author: R.P.Man
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Print Length: 17 pages
  • Sold by: Amazon Asia-Pacific Holdings Private Limited


Reena, a young shy beautiful girl discovers her most passionate feelings for the most sought out stud, Mark, but shuts herself down as her past is full of nightmares. To her surprise, even Mark feels something for her. Would their love for music and each other triumph over her nightmares? Would their FEELINGS for each other win?

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Just Feelings is a brief account of how a troubled past comes haunting our present and affects the decisions of our lives. It tells how we are always afraid to venture into new opportunities, take risks because of something bad that occupied our past.

Reena loves Mark and so does Mark. But both of them are shy to admit their love for each other. Though Mark is willing to take a step forward, Reena’s reluctance frustrates him. Why is Reena hesitant to come in a relationship with Mark? Would their mutual love for music be able to unite them?

Just Feelings is a simple love story of two people belonging to different cultures. What binds them is their common passion – passion for music. The author has made honest efforts in bringing out the effect of a dark past affecting the present. How we humans become slaves to something in the past that we can’t move on to accept things. It is this which is explained through this short read. Ultimately, love emerges victoriously. One can definitely finish reading it in a go for its preciseness and simplicity.

I was a bit disappointed how the book ended because a bit more of work on its length and the central story could have been better. I found the ending cliche. A twist or two or perhaps, a little more depth might have worked wonders. I really look forward to reading a full-fledged novel from the author for he does know how to craft and narrate a story.



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