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Mystical Tales for a Magical Life by Shubha Vilas – Book Review

  • Author: Shubha Vilas
  • Paperback: 280 pages
  • Publisher: Fingerprint! Publishing (1 February 2019)
  • Language: English


The Vedic texts are a wellspring of stories, of lessons, of tales that never get old. Here’s a special edition that curates eleven of the most interesting, unheard, and thought-provoking tales from the scriptures, the epics, and the Puranas and correlates them to our present-day situations. By presenting the complexities of these texts in a modern, accessible format, the book leaves you, the reader, richer with its glorious learnings. Mystical tales for a magical life is a wonderful, wise companion that nourishes and nurtures at any and every stage in life.

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Life is an enigmatic entity and living has continuously evolved into a complex thing. We mortal humans want to know how to live, how to get over our problems, how to lead a fulfilling life, but we are unable to get through some answers. Ancient literature is often sought to get clarity on challenges overwhelming us. The stories from the past are full of wisdom educating and entertaining us.

Mystical Tales for a Magical Life‘ is a collection of short stories narrated by the author in a refreshingly engaging manner. These stories are taken from our past, from our scriptures, and have been simplified to be comprehensible for us. Each story has valuable lessons to proffer us. These lessons enlighten us, recreate us, and guide us toward knowing what it takes to live a wholesome life.

The language has been kept smooth throughout. The carefully picked stories, as well as their narration, was amazing. There were a few I have never heard of and I was glad to stumble upon them.  Moreover, the magnificent cover added to the overall charm of the book. A wonderful job is done by the cover designer.

I have read Shubha Vilas’ work in the past and I am happy to say that this one just equals them. The narrative which would have been otherwise ambiguous has been laid out well for us to grasp the pearls of wisdom out of it. I really appreciate the positive vibes this book gave me. Undoubtedly, it is a book which one should be reading for sure!

MY RATING: 4.25/ 5


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