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Freedom in a Cage – Poem

I stand by the window

and wonder

What it is to be like

caged and wander?

Like, how free you can be

being trapped too,

chained in your thoughts;

limited by your infinities

bound by the will to savor liberties.

The fascination for that air of freedom

Luring you every fleeting moment

To touch it and feel it

To love and unabashedly revel in it.

While you are out of the grip

Of society and its insane norms

While you are free of falling prey

To the whims and fanaticism of the patriarchal lords

You are tangled in your mess

You are dancing within your knots.

I find it more fulfilling and beautiful

To give yourself the power

To learn and unlearn,

To become and unbecome;

To slowly grasp the fine line

Of right and wrong

Solely on your own.

I find it the proudest thing

To sing and waltz

Under the umbrella of your authority

And then gradually transfix the world

By the grace of the tale of your being

Which was left for a long time, unknown and unheard!

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