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The Red Spy by Abhishek Srivastava – Book Review

  • Author: Abhishek Srivastava
  • Genre: Espionage Thriller
  • Paperback: 232 pages
  • Publisher: Srishti Publishers & Distributors (10 July 2019)
  • Language: English

BLURB as on Goodreads

Arya is a young RAW recruit, pumped up about his first assignment as reinforcement to a veteran spymaster – Virat and his team. In a mind-boggling turn of events, Arya finds himself being interrogated by the very terrorist he is after – Mir. Barely has he escaped that he learns an excruciating fact about Virat and team. They have killed undercover agents of the CIA while hunting Mir. Hunted by the ruthless CIA, he can survive only using his wit and courage.

On the run, declared rogue, he fights lone battles with enemy intelligence agencies. He creates a vivid deception, not only to throw CIA off the track, but also to get the actual traitor out in the open. He eventually gets his man but then realizes that a much more devious plan is at work, with the real mastermind attempting to blacklist RAW as revenge for their role during Bangladesh liberation war of 1971.

Arya evolves into the perfect weapon, but will he be in time to save RAW and his country’s repute? Or turn out to be a pawn in the game of master spies and espionage?


I haven’t read a lot of espionage thrillers but I do have a certain liking for Thrillers, in general. So, when I got a chance to read this book, I really couldn’t resist myself from seeing if indigenous writers could weave a stunning thriller. I am glad to put that I wasn’t disappointed.

The Red Spy is a cleverly written espionage thriller which entails different countries, the top-level intelligence agencies, the love, the betrayal, the molestation, the revenge, the fight for supremacy, and an astonishing background story. The book is essentially set around the Bangladesh Liberation War of 1971. It takes us down the lanes of history with fictitious characters and their life-like actions. The first half kept me hooked to it, indeed.

The narration is smooth and flawless. Although at certain points, I found it either getting too fast or too dull, overall it turned out to be a pretty good ride for me. The character development has been done very nicely. I liked how the author sketched Noori and then how he developed her into Anaya and Aisha. Oh wow! This was the most fascinating discovery I had in this book. Also, how the terror attacks took their birth in India is also described well. How your colleagues could put your life at stake for their own benefit, be it any organization.

The book does have a few loopholes as I really couldn’t make out the end. Sometimes, the action was so fast-paced that it was difficult for me to hold on to it. So, a little bit of refinement in terms of storytelling is what I would honestly suggest the author do. Rest, the book is definitely worth a read for all the thrill it has to offer to its readers.

MY RATING: 3.75/ 5

Book your copy: The Red Spy

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