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The Quirky Feminine by Sudeshna Chakrabarti – Book Review

  • Author: Sudeshna Chakrabarti
  • Genre: Short Stories
  • Paperback: 64 pages
  • Publisher: Blue Rose Publishers (9 August 2019)
  • Language: English

My Review

In Indian culture, women are reverred and worshipped in all their entirety. We see our Goddesses as supreme charioteers of our lives. We look up to them to imbibe cultural values in ourselves. However, in the real world, we see women being suppressed more. People look down upon their existence. It’s a shame that the women are being worshipped in one dimension but in other, they are always treated abysmally.

The Quirky Feminine is a wonderful compilation of 6 short stories which are brilliant in narrative and absolutely a treat for a feminist reader like me. I love short stories and this book turned out to be a really good reading experience for me. Through the six strong female characters likened to our Goddesses, the author attempts to speak to us about the importance of recognizing our value. We women are conditioned to live in a particular way but we should take the rein in our hands, we should live a life of love and demand respect, we must unashamedly ask for what we want, we ought to look ourselves in the light of positivity. As those 6 women transform their lives, their simple journeys melt our hearts. Each story has a strong and important lesson to deliver and I am in absolute awe of the concept brought out in this book – be quirky, be truly feminine. The traces of satire and comedy enhanced my reading experience.

I craved for more from this book. It was short but a joyful ride and I would want the author to bring more to the table. Totally recommended for its entertaining and powerful content.


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