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Interview: Sudeshna Chakrabarti| Author of The Quirky Feminine

The Quirky Feminine is a short book consisting of six short stories focussed on women. It has strong female protagonists who transform their lives and teach us with their journeys. Sudeshna Chakrabarti, the author of The Quirky Feminine, is a Finance professional who loves reading, dancing and is a word games enthusiast.

In a candid conversation, she talks about her life and work. Let’s explore:

  • Please introduce yourself to our readers.

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Author Sudeshna Chakrabarti

Sudeshna: I’m a Finance professional who has worked in esteemed organizations. I have attained my MBA in finance and Post Graduate degree in Indian Taxation from Kolkata. Although my place of origin is Kolkata, I have stayed across India for education and job purposes. Traveling and interacting with people hailing from the different cultural background has helped me to tap the inner satirical nature and also understand life with a lighter perspective. Apart from writing, I love reading, dancing as I have learned Bharatnatyam for 8 years, and I’m also a word games enthusiast.

  • When did you first realize you wanted to be a writer?

Sudeshna: I have been writing snippets from a young age;  however the art of weaving a complete story and turning into a book was a dream come true which was realized recently ( 2018) after my best friends gave me a friendly shove to pen down my oratory sarcastic humor into a written one. I was going through a very dark phase of my life and writing gave me solace and also brought out the emotional fulfillment which I was searching for.

  • What inspires you to write books? What are the things which catch your attention?

Sudeshna: I have been a voracious reader of children’s classics since a young age, and the creative imaginative world mentioned in books like Alice in Wonderland, Wind in Willows & Wizard of Oz would often make me believe that there is indeed a magical wonderland.  Inspiration from Children’s Classic coupled with my creative imagination & sarcastic nature has fuelled my desire to pen down my written skills. Being a humorist, I also get a tremendous amount of inspiration from satirical comedy shows like Addams Family & The Simpsons.

Things which generally catch my attention in any creative medium would be

  • An imaginative world created by the author /writer in any creative medium project which not only portrays his creative ability but also resonates with the viewers/readers. Alice in Wonderland, Wizard of Oz, Peter Pan, etc.
  • Satirical Humour, in which the author can portray humor in a very intellectual manner and also a strong message for the society in it. Addams Family, The Simpsons
  • Detective series which are meant for all age readers. Secret Seven, Famous Five, Byomkesh Bakshi, Feluda & Sherlock Holmes.
  • What would you say is interesting writing about The Quirky Feminine?

Sudeshna:  It’s a short story compilation, which gives out a strong social message with an undertone of satire comedy. The book revolves around six strong personality women with a similar yet distinctive path who intend to break down stereotypes of society in an intelligent yet comical manner. The short story format is like the cherry on the cake, it does tend to break down the monotony of a complete book.

  • Tell something in brief about your latest book The Quirky Feminine. How did the idea of coming up with this book strike you?

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The Quirky Feminine

Sudeshna(a) Based on six strong personality women hailing from Bengali background and named after the different forms of Goddess Parvati, the short story compilation focuses on their simple journey across the country and their quirky ability to transform their simple yet beautiful life into something more meaningful. Through their soul searching journey, they are able to evolve into the ultimate divine feminine. The storyline is satire comedy, where the readers would be able to relate to these women’s simple struggles and also laugh along with them and shed tears of joy.

(b) Being a strong personality woman myself, I generally tend to attract women of a similar nature. Each character in the book tends to be loosely inspired by my close friend who had to walk down a similar path where they had to face hurdles to achieve their pursuit and also opposition from society.   The mannerism undertaken to handle those tough situations were quite feline, graceful yet sturdy, I believe that each woman has a strong inner nature which when revoked can take the form of goddess Parvati.

  • Did you face any challenge while bringing out your book?

Sudeshna:  Yes, since there is mythology revolved around the book, I had to be cautious in selecting the correct choice of words as otherwise, it could have led to readers being offended.

  • How would you describe the contemporary scenario of writing and reading around the world?

Sudeshna: Writers are far more audacious and not many use their pseudonyms any longer and are quite vocal regarding opinions.  Writers are experimenting which is quite good.  Readers have varied choices now and want to experiment with a different genre.

  • Which one do you like more – stories or poems? Why?

Sudeshna: Stories, I could never connect to poems. I guess I’m not poetic in nature, some artists prefer landscape over portraits and vice versa.

  • Have you ever gotten a writer’s block? How would you suggest overcoming it?

Sudeshna: Yes, I often get writer’s block and the only way to overcome it, would be to take a break as I believe in pausing to reset my button.  I tend to focus on my health, eat neat and clean foods and exercise along with yoga/meditation as often it helps out clear outing toxins from mind and body. I have been meditating since my college days due to influence of Ramkrishna Mission, and it helps me clear out any clouded thinking and enhance my visions as a writer. Regular interaction with people belonging from all strata’s of society helps me to understand human emotions from a different perspective.

  • Which one is your favorite genre? Your favorite book?

Sudeshna: Fiction, Children’s Classic

  • The best piece of writing advice you would like to give to the budding writers?

Sudeshna: The inner child knows best. Let her/him take over and not the mind.

  • Are we going to read more from you in the near future? Any new project that you are working on?

Sudeshna: Yes, currently I’m planning to work upon the sequel to The Quirky Feminine.

*We wish Author Sudeshna all the best for her future endeavors.* 

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