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Your Destination has Arrived by Barry Cheema – Book Review

  • Author: Barry Cheema
  • Paperback: 378 pages
  • Publisher: Notion Press; 1 edition (23 May 2019)
  • Language: English

BLURB as on Goodreads

Is it possible for the modern man to be happy, not virtually but in reality?
Why is it that despite the tones of philosophies, motivational speeches, and age-old meditation techniques, inner-peace and contentment seem to be unrealistic and impossible?
Bruno, a K9 (police dog), gets a human life as a reward for his phenomenal act of bravery. He can stay in this human body forever, provided he fulfills a condition in the given time. But while doing so, he has to deal with the subconscious mind of this human body, which happens to be that of a terrorist!
A tale of hope, search, and longing. An unbelievable story that you would love to believe.

Book Review (1)

A human being is an eccentric character with its flaws, perfection, and desires. Although human life is stuffed with loads of challenges and humans themselves run away from it, still, the desire for attaining a human life never gets a thumbs down. The humans are tirelessly running behind different things to find the very purpose of their lives. But is there any, in the first place?

Your Destination has Arrived is a beautifully compiled book by Barry Cheema about a dog Bruno who gets a human life after he is dead. He is given that life by God on certain condition and he needs to fulfill it if he wants to remain a human forever. The book is part fiction and part philosophy and is a perfect amalgamation of both.

In the first half of the book, the story takes its time to establish the plot in the mind of its reader. The characters are introduced, their roles defined, the story is set against a backdrop, and the rhythm is established. As you move on to the second half, the fictional story slowly integrates with the philosophy and crawls inside your heads. There would be less of a story and its development here but more of eye-opening and transcending enlightenment. The second half takes the onus of developing and transforming the characters some of which leave an indelible mark on your minds. This book rightly satisfies the potential in contains and does it wonderfully. You wouldn’t find a preachy narrative with dull sermon-like language. Rather, the central storyline combines with spirituality and theories behind life and living that you’d cherish the experience of reading this book. No wonder the cover would pique your interest but awaits you inside of it will definitely help you change something within you.

The book has a unique story that came as a very happy surprise for me. The quest of human beings for the purpose of life has been highlighted and explained very well. I loved how the character of Bruno aka Hassan is made to contemplate over his follies by Pinky Singh. The reality behind this gregarious Sikh man truly intrigued me. I loved the design of this particular character the most. The book brings forth the story behind someone becoming a terrorist which is noteworthy. Also, the fake spirituality promoted by the Dharma Gurus is shown meticulously. I really could not spot a loophole in this book which was full of knowledgeable, heartwarming, and heart-wrenching moments. What disinterested me a bit was the pace that lost its grip at certain points. I personally felt that the length could have been shortened. Otherwise, the book comes out with a very enriching reading experience.

If you are looking for something refreshing to read, something to churn your mind, and uplift your soul, Go for this one!


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4 thoughts on “Your Destination has Arrived by Barry Cheema – Book Review

  1. Really enjoyed reading this interesting and thought provoking book. It shakes your inner self and your sub-conscious mind from the repressed thoughts and expressions. Philosophy of life very well defined and very well composed. Well done Mr. Cheema, looking forward for your next book. Amitabh Garga.


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