Mental Health Awareness – How to get away with the Mental Health Issue?


I am too late to speak up but better late than never. It was World Mental Health Day on the 10th of October and the entire social media was flooded with people talking about it. The theme for this year was “Improving the Quality of Mental Health Services throughout the World.” Leave alone improving the quality, people hardly acknowledge this pertinent issue of Mental Health.

I see discourse and rigorous discussion on the subject of mental health where the intellectuals of the millennium come on a platform to share their ideas. And if not a coveted platform, social media has given enough freedom and entailing exposure to anyone and everyone to talk about it. Everyone is seen sympathizing with the problem and the affected people but let the days pass and the flame of enthusiasm is extinguished before we fully grasp that something was even brewing.

And it is not just in the light of this event that I am ranting but it’s about every single occasion when our awareness and sentiments are heightened and we unabashedly take to the mediums of communication to express, and not communicate! Nobody is really bothered about listening to others’ vows and making an attempt to really understand it. Rather, we are more inclined toward shedding the weight of our hearts by writing down our issues. How many of us care to read through others’ accounts of what they have gone through, and even if we read and hear, how many of us are patient enough to comprehend and ponder over them?

We’re running in a race where every new trend is followed religiously. We want attention because after all, we are humans but can we ever become a bit more humane? In the fast-paced times of click baits and instant messaging, can we just slow down and think? I know that ambition is waiting, career is summoning with the ominous time hovering on our heads but amidst all the noise and clatter, can we just stop for a while to give space to our minds? Let’s not drown ourselves in social media interactions and instead make time to catch up with our real-time friends and family. It appears to be a difficult task to take the plunge but let’s do it, for once.

I am not perfect as I am writing this down. I have had mental health problems since childhood and I still struggle with them. I’ve had instances where I just broke into tears amidst the crowd or retreated to my shell because I always fear to communicate. And when today I recall the days from my past, I realize that it is very very important to slow down and open up, at least to our near ones. It is.

I am still learning to acquire this habit of slowing down once in a while and talk. But until and unless we would resolve, we won’t solve our problems. They would keep pestering us, lurking in the deepest recesses of our minds, coming to the fore whenever a new campaign for the discussion would spring into action!

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