Indistractable by Nir Eyal – Book Review

  • Author: Nir Eyal
  • Paperback: 400 pages
  • Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing; First edition (20 September 2019)
  • Language: English

Book Review (1)

Almost all of us face the problem of distraction looming on our heads in everything we do in life. It stares right in our face and pulls us back so brashly that we find it almost impossible to stand against its might. And the biggest thing distracting us, as we consider, is technology. But Nir points it outrightly, “Technology is not the root cause of distraction at work. The problem goes much deeper.”

In his book Indistractable, Nir explains the distractions surrounding us, how they take roots deep beneath technology or smartphone, for that matter, and how abstinence is not the proper solution. The book has been divided into 7 parts where very seamlessly, Nir chalks out our journey to become indistractable. We are driven by our pain and discomfort to find solace in our distractions. An endless cycle of resisting, ruminating, and finally giving in to desire, perpetuates the cycle and quite possibly drives many of our unwanted behaviors. The book breaks the myths regarding distractions step-by-step. It also further takes into account the interdependent chakras of You, relationships, and work. Each chapter has been dedicated to achieving an indistractable you, indistractable relationships, and indistractable workplace. ‘You’d be amazed at how many things become irrelevant when you give them a little time to breathe.” It is this valuable lesson we derive from reading the book. You cannot give up completely, but you can become less dependent and more self-controlled.

Although the first half of the book got me a few important takeaways, the latter half didn’t appeal to me. There were anecdotes, a few handy tips, a little bit of explanation and justification but then, I felt drifted in some oblivion. I couldn’t come to like the book from then on. Actually, it seemed to me as if I find these learnings in the articles online or anywhere. To put it simply, I didn’t find anything unique. It’s just this word – indistractable -and its basic concept that intrigued me.

I would recommend you to read it if you are just seeking out a self-help read for the first time.


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