Everyday People: Tales of people you know by Salini Vineeth – Book Review

  • Author: Salini Vineeth
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Print Length: 43 pages
  • Genre: Short Stories
  • Sold by: Amazon Asia-Pacific Holdings Private Limited
  • Language: English

My Review

Short stories are one of my favorite genres as they always represent the art of brevity. The editor of this book captures the essence of the short stories as she says that short stories do not allow for a bigger canvas for a story but they still have the responsibility to draw the reader in. I am happy to say that this book fulfilled that responsibility.

Everyday People is a short story collection (of 8 stories) that effectively encapsulates the people we know, their lives which seem like ours, their moments of ecstasy and despair which we could always relate to. It represents the normal people, the common people of our society and as we read about them, our hearts warm up to them. Be it a grown-up man going steadfastly in his career only to be suddenly hit by the nostalgia of a happy childhood, a mother who stays protective of her ‘not so normal’ child, a couple strangulated by the demands of modern work, and the one that stands firmly on the ground of love, the book has presented our regular lives to us.

With no-nonsense narrative, the author has successfully painted the limited canvas with colors of reality. I certainly loved the characters because they were real. I specifically loved the story in which the author has deftly portrayed our reckless behavior toward our environment. Overall, the sweet stories with elegant writing style worked pretty well for me. It is a kind of book you read during the tea break in the evenings, the one which could easily slip between the mundane lifestyle, the one that is devoid of some complex literary terms but would definitely give you a fine experience of reading.


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