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Dramatic Daydreams of Miss Sodabottleopenerwala – Book Review

  • Author: Tanvi Mayur Shah
  • Paperback: 159 pages
  • Publisher: Self-published (1 August 2019)


In an attempt to make her summer vacation count, Kira Sodabottleopenerwala decides to author a book. Intent on making her novel a bestseller, she seeks counsel from her friends and family. A hyperactive imagination and predilection for all things dramatic, serve as hilarious roadblocks in 16-year-old Kira’s quest to glory. What starts simply as a lighthearted summer vacation experiment turns into a belief altering journey full of epiphanies. What will happen when her beautiful daydreams manifest into stark physical reality?

Miss Sodabottleopenerwala’s journey is jam-packed with a sprinkle of action, a dash of tragedy and oodles of drama, a dash of tragedy and oodles of drama.

My Review

How often do we think of doing something without getting influenced by others? How frequently do we consider taking decisions unaffected by the opinions of others? Do we see ourselves in the light of others or do we really gleam because of our innate brightness?

Dramatic Dreams of Miss Sodabottleopenerwala by Tanvi Mayur Shah is an entertaining story of a 16-year-old Kira who is on crossroads regarding how to spend her vacation. After much deliberation, she arrives at the best decision – of writing a book! There starts her journey of fidgeting with her own ideas to write a perfect bestseller. But one night, one drunk night with her friends, and everything set on fire by becoming viral. If this sounds intriguing, go and read the book.

The book is best for a recreational read with sime relatable and solid stuff. It is a book best for young adults as it takes them through a teenage girl’s journey. Kira’s voyage through her dreams, confusion to making an important decision is really amazing. The book contains bits of motivating lines by its characters which truly resonate with the readers. More than everything, I am absolutely in awe of the beautiful cover and the accompanying bookmark that came as a happy surprise.

With fewer characters and more focus being directed toward their lives, the book manages to bring both a warm ecstasy to the hearts and wide grin on our faces. I loved the characters and how the author attempted to keep them all in the light. None seemed overshadowed by the author. I was glad to see a candid and badass language being used in the book. That made the story flow smoothly. Also, I would appreciate the author’s attempt of bringing out relevant topics like social media, etc so coolly. I finished reading it in a couple of hours but the story of Kira will definitely stay with me for some time.

I would especially recommend this book to the young readers who would get something inspiring out of it.


Buy your copy: Dramatic Daydreams of Miss Sodabottleopenerwala

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