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Life can blossom again by Shruthi B.S. – Book Review

  • Author: Shruthi B.S.
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Print Length: 132 pages
  • Sold by: Amazon Asia-Pacific Holdings Private Limited
  • Language: English

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What do you do when your loved one is on death-bed? When someone is given less than 2% chances of survival! Can you still be optimistic?
Harsha, a young man gets diagnosed with a life-threatening infection caused by the brain-eating amoeba. Having the least chances of survival, he is put under a medically induced coma. Both his wife and best friend struggle to handle the situation but Harsha’s diary comes to their support. His words change their perspective. What was in that diary? How would both his wife and best friend handle this ordeal? How would their lives change after this dreadful incident?
The book revolves around friendship, love, and life which is thought-provoking and gives a different perspective towards life.


How many times do we feel defeated by our circumstances? How many times do we really brave the oddities to emerge victoriously? How many times do we give ourselves, our lives another chance?

Life can blossom again is a delightful tale of reposing faith in the supreme power and being optimistic in the face of life. The story has three central characters ( I really couldn’t pin down one protagonist) – Harsha, his wife Madhu, and his best friend Impu. Harsha is diagnosed with some fatal disease and there are lean chances of him being alive after the treatment. Both the women of his life are devastated hearing this news and shudder at the thought of extreme possibilities. It is interesting to see how the period of darkness would mold the lives of everyone. During this time, Impu discovers Harsha’s diary and gets to know his writing ability. His thought-provoking changes something inside of her and they do bring a change in the minds of the readers of this book.

The book has a simple but quite emotional plotline that appears real. The characters are life-like and their contributions to the story have been kept proportional. I didn’t see anyone overshadowing the other. Everyone gets space and a chance to express their thoughts. The book educated me about a critical medical condition and brownie points to this book for the same. The book has underlying themes of friendship, love, unbridled faith, optimism, perseverance, family values, and kindness. I really liked the character of Harsha for his genteel demeanor and evocative words. The author brings out subtle aspects of living through Harsha’s diary. With the lucid narration, the book serves its purpose of disengaging us from our ignorance and direct us towards the light. For me, the pace was medium and a bit more of work on giving depth to the plot could have been better.

I would especially recommend this book for its simplicity and preciseness. One could finish it in a single go and yes, you won’t be closing the book without some valuable takeaways. Do read it for some light but an evocative reading experience.


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