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The Shiva Sutras by Ranjit Chaudhri – Book Review

  • Author: Ranjit Chaudhri
  • Genre: Spirituality/ Non-fiction
  • Paperback: 144 pages
  • Publisher: Fingerprint! Publishing (1 August 2019)
  • Language: English

BLURB as on Goodreads

As the legend has it, Lord Shiva appeared to Sage Vasugupta in a dream and instructed him to go to a particular stone near a stream. When Sage Vasugupta went there the next day, the Stone turned over at his touch, and on its face were inscribed the Shiva Sutras. These sutras were to be revealed to those fit for grace as per Lord Shiva’s instructions.

Explaining our true nature and the illusion were living in, The Shiva Sutras guides us as to how we can set aside the illusion and experience ultimate reality. The sutras with their transformative message have the power to end our suffering and open up a whole new world for us.

My Review

In the high-paced contemporary scenario, we humans tend to look for spiritual upliftment, we seek answers to the many questions pertaining to our existence, we search for the soothing words, we look for enlightenment and cognition. The Shiva Sutras by Ranjit Chaudhri is a collection of aphorisms that are remarkably short but contain an incredible wealth of information.

At the onset, the author explains about the origin of these ‘shiva sutras’, how they came into existence. It is interesting to read the stories behind them. This book has been divided into three transformative parts – Removing the veil, Detaching from the body, and Awakening. Through these chapters, the author emphatically discusses the different aspects of life. With a lucid narration and breezy writing, it is easier for readers to absorb the spiritual material which mostly appears complex to comprehend.

What I loved the most about the book was its layman language that serves its purpose of educating and enlightening the reader. The book rightly traverses the journey of a mortal in attaining its consciousness, its awakening. In addition to this, I admire the cover which is pleasing and relevant.

I would highly recommend this book to anyone and everyone for a sheer display of enormous knowledge precisely and beautifully.


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