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Chronicles Of The Mortal Vishnu: Will God Turn Corrupt, Too? – Book Review

  • Author: Antar Atreya
  • Paperback: 380 pages
  • Publisher: Invincible Publishers; 1st edition (25 March 2019)
  • Language: English

BLURB as on Goodreads

In the new world after civilization was established and political and economic structures emerged with time and necessity; mankind finally welcomed injustice.
The earth’s firstborn who had mentored mankind’s progress turned into the tyrannical Bhuswami; creating the Daitya clan. Bestowed with power from the Gods he became invincible and ruthless. With their own stories, two prodigal warriors turn into Maharathis with journeys of discovering their potential, gaining unparalleled might and realizing the power of LOVE.
Supported by his ‘destined one’, one of the Maharathis manifested himself as A MORTAL DIVINE. The two-gather liberated a river from the locks of Lord Shiva resurrected kingdoms and slew a pack of violent wolves. Their rise as one challenged the realm of tyranny.

With long-lasting political turmoil across the seven landmasses, the world was on the brink of the First Global War. The Daityas gathered a colossal force and facing them was a coalition of Ten Kings, brought together on various reasons by the two Maharathis under the insignia of Garuda. Also aiding them were the mystic tribes of Narklokis and Yakshas; for they had made promises in the past. With the global war knocking; a sudden surprising event creates a question- Does God too turns corrupt!?

My Review

Mythology interests me a lot and I am more drawn toward Indian mythology because I have curiosity regarding the deep-rooted Indian values and cultures. Our holy scriptures always talk about the beginning of the world, the mortal beings, and the immortal Gods. This book, Chronicles of the Mortal Vishnu, is a fresh take on the much talked about subject of the origin of the world and deals with several themes such as good, evil, justice, injustice, trust, faith, betrayal, love, friendship, and others encircling our existence.

This book is a long ride of how its protagonists Tejas and Ashok would bring about the victory of good over evil. How would they fight with the Bhuswami who rules with iron fists? How would their camaraderie swerve through the walls of differences and malign feelings? How would they make their way to restoring mankind in its purest form? How would a mortal God lead a war against devil powers?

The book is set in the ancient period and takes into account new characters to substantiate a plot of the creation of the world. I haven’t read about these characters – Tejas, Ashok, Bhuswami, etc before. This fresh change in the mythological narrative came as a happy surprise for me. The book, right from the onset, goes into great detail that presents a vivid image of the story in the mind of the readers. The author attempted to adopt a descriptive narration that portrays places, characters, their behaviors vividly. This does make the whole picture come to life. Initially, I found it hard to connect with the book because of its over descriptiveness but slowly the story took me in and it turned out to be a fairly pleasant ride for me. I especially loved the other half of the book which had more action, substance, and value which enhanced my reading experience.

The lucid narration along with detailed character development worked wonders. What I found disengaging was the narrative text which went on without any proper breaks. I found it hard to carry on with the reading because of the book’s sheer length and a lackluster narrative. The text did seem wordy to me. I realized that a good amount of pages could have been removed only if the author could have been more precise and crisp in his narration. In addition to this, there were typing and formatting errors throughout the book. And these are the reasons why I would not recommend it to the beginners. I would suggest the author refine the narrative and polish his writing style to fulfill his potential of writing an excellent book.

Overall, the book demands patience to be read and felt. But it is good enough to be definitely given a chance.


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  1. I find your reviews greatly informative. While you describe what you liked, you also clearly mention what needs to be worked on. This, in my opinion, on one hand encourages the author, while also reminding that what needs to be done to make it better.

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