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My Failed Boss by Sruthi Kitcha – Book Review

  • Author: Sruthi Kitcha
  • Pages: 70 pages
  • Publisher: Self-published

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My Failed Boss by Sruthi Kitcha is an engaging account of a man named Arjun that resembles all of us in some or the other way in the professional landscape. Yet he stands apart from the crowd and it was interesting to read his entrepreneurial journey of discovering and refining himself through this book. The author has dedicated this book to her boss Mr. Anmol Vij who fired her to make her a boss.

The book starts with introducing Arjun who loves to play games. He believes that a game is of no value without any challenges. He is not afraid of falling and hurting his knuckles. Instead, he moves ahead relentlessly despite obstacles and that, ultimately, makes him a person worth reading.

The author has candidly spoken about the lesson we ought to learn in order to excel in life. Through the game of snakes & ladders, she talks about how our lives are prone to risks forever because snakes are in hiding to bite us. But does that mean we should stop? No. We are supposed to go in life, we are supposed to take measurable risks, believe in ourselves, and strive for the fulfillment of our dreams. This makes an ordinary person like Arjun extraordinary.

Arjun’s character has been sketched so well that we relate to him at every instance. Through a narrative built around him, the author puts emphasis on points she wants us to note. The chapters of the book are short and each one of them contains some key learnings. The writing style is really good and I specifically loved how the author converses with the reader. She asks the questions, she answers them too and this communication makes reading the book a fine experience. The preciseness of the word and conciseness of the text keeps it away from digressing and thus, you have so many essential takeaways as you finish reading this book.

Overall, it is a really good book to look forward to. One should read it to learn how to do business and be persistent in your journey.


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